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World Vet Day Spotlight: Meet Toby!

Apr 26, 2021 7:30:00 AM

World Vet Day Spotlight: Meet Toby!

In honor of World Vet Day, which was on April 24th, the Walkin' Pets team wanted to put a spotlight on a veterinary practice that has gone above and beyond for one special patient.

Meet Toby!

Toby is a 15 lb. dachshund mix who is all heart, and steals the hearts of everyone given the privilege of meeting him! In October of 2020, Toby's owner brought him into Veterinary Care & Specialty Group when he became unable to walk. Toby's neurologist ordered an MRI and it was discovered that Toby had herniated a disk in his spine leaving him with spinal cord compression. Toby was paralyzed.

At the height of a pandemic that was affecting everyone in so many different ways, the team at VCSG rallied around this 15 lb. bundle of love and perseverance. Toby would walk again, and the VCSG team was determined to help him.

A Mission to MoveBenefits of Canine Hydrotherapy

Under the supervision of David Levine, PT, Ph.D., DPT, CCRP, and Ashley Wheeler, LVMT, Tobey began physical therapy. Tobey started hydrotherapy and using an underwater treadmill, laser therapy, balance equipment, and land treadmill therapy with the goal of getting Toby as much mobility as possible.

Ashley worked diligently to increase Toby's paw positioning and his core strength. After several months, Toby was able to walk with the help of a support sling! Toby was RUNNING down the halls of the hospital forcing Ashley to struggle to keep up with him.

Toby on Wheels!

Disabled dog Toby, Celebrates World Vet DayWith such a drastic improvement in Toby's mobility, Dr. Levine and Ashley knew they had to keep going. Dr. Levine reached out to Walkin' Pets and shared the video of Toby sprinting around in his sling. The team at Walkin' Pets was amazed and inspired by Toby's recovery and decided to donate a wheelchair to give Toby more freedom!

The wheelchair has opened up a new world for Toby! Immediately after getting into his new wheelchair Toby took off. Toby continues to recover his mobility and is dedicated to his physical therapy both at home and with Ashley in the clinic.


Due to circumstances revolving around the pandemic, VCSG has stepped in and helped care for Toby part time throughout the week. Dr. Levine was so amazed by Toby's will to walk, and his strength and perseverance, that VCSG took Toby under their wing, and into the family. Toby earned his spot as VCSG's mascot. While VCSG has given Toby his medical and physical support, Toby has given everyone at VCSG emotional support! Seeing Toby brightens everyone's day, and no one can pass up a snuggle or pet session with him!

Dachshund wheelchair for IVDD and dachshund mobility loss

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