What’s Great About the No-Knuckling Training Sock

      Dec 11, 2020 7:15:00 AM

      What’s Great About the No-Knuckling Training Sock

      The No Knuckle Training Sock (patent pending), is a temporary training tool to combat paw knuckling. Paw knuckling or poor proprioception is a common sign of neurological illness where the top of your pup’s paw will drag on the ground when they walk.

      Why Choose the No-Knuckling Training Sock?

      Front No-Knuckling Training Sock for dog's dragging front paws

      • The No-Knuckling Training sock, both front AND rear has been tested and designed by a practicing canine rehab specialist, Dr. Renee Mills, VT, CCRP
      • The training sock is lightweight, comfortable, and fully adjustable. The No Knuckle Training Sock has touch fasten straps to accommodate different paw widths and a long bungee so you can choose the correct tightness for your dog!
      • The bungee cord on the No-Knuckling Training Sock is designed to stimulate the withdrawal reflex between your dog’s toes. This will encourage your pup to pick his foot up higher and will make him not drag his paws.
      • The short duration of time your dog should be wearing the training sock makes it a great rehab tool for the beginning of a walk. At the start of the walk your dog has the most energy and can focus on the movement of their feet, start the walk with the No Knuckle Training Socks and after 5min take them off. Your dog can continue the walk with the muscle memory of having the training sock on and the withdrawal reflex, this will reduce the knuckling for the remainder of the physical activity!
      • The neoprene fabric makes the No-Knuckling Training Sock a great addition to your dog’s hydrotherapy exercises while they relearn proper foot placement. Also a great addition to your at home training sessions.
        White dog wearing Rear No Knuckle Training Sock

      If you need something your dog can wear for longer periods of time, the Walkin' Bootie splint is another great aid for paw knuckling.

      Illnesses That Involve Paw Knuckling

      Paw knuckling is a common symptom of many neurological illnesses including:Close up of dog wearing Rear No Knuckle Training Sock

      • Intervertebral Disk Disease or IVDD
      • Degenerative Myelopathy or DM
      • Wobbler's Disease or CVI

      To learn more about treating paw knuckling you can read this article.

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