What Your Special Needs Pet Wants for the Holidays

      Dec 4, 2020 7:55:00 AM

      What Your Special Needs Pet Wants for the Holidays

      With the holiday's fast approaching spoiling our favorite family members should be front and center in our minds! Have you thought about what you will be gifting to the special needs pet in your life!

      What Your Pup Wants to Find Under the Tree

      No matter what holiday you celebrate or what special need your pet may have, something to help enhance their freedom and mobility is the gift that keeps on giving! Your dog may be blind, have DM, or IVDD but Walkin' Pet has the perfect gifts for under the tree.

      Walkin' Scooter2020-12-02

      The Walkin' Scooter is what every down dog needs for the PAWlidays! The scooter is allows your paralyzed pup to glide around your home with ease. Improve their indoor mobility and keep your pet moving inside all winter long. 

      Walkin' Ski Attachment

      5WaysToPrepareYourPetWalkin' in a Winter Wonderland is no fun when you get caught in the snow drifts! Don't let snow, slow your pet down. Swap your best friend's wheels for skis! 

      The Walkin' Ski attachment makes getting around in the snowy weather a breeze, the ski attachment is made to easily replace the wheels in your pup's rear wheelchair and get's you pup gliding over the snow! Simple to use, simply, remove the struts and wheels and snap in the skis!

      Walkin' Wheels

      With the amount of time we have been spending at home with our furry best friends you may have noticed some changes in how your pup get's around.

      Getting your dog familiar with their wheelchair while they are still mobile and don't need full time assistance, is a great way to ease the transition into using one! Nothing spreads holiday cheer like giving the best present of all, the gift of mobility.

      Bennie 5

      Stocking Stuffers

      Walkin' Pets Traction Socks

      The Walkin' Traction Socks are a great addition to any mobility device, the are soft and cozy and also have a water resistant paw that provides traction and grip for getting around inside the house and protects your pets paws from salt, snow, and rain outside!

      Walkin' Pets All Weather Boots

      The Walkin' All Weather Boots are the perfect way to provide protection against temperature extremes and rough surfaces while keeping paws clean and dry. Your dog could also use these as a protective barrier to assist with wound care, and making sure sores are covered to help them heal! Not only are the All Weather Boots water resistant, add the cozy fleece boot liners to keep your dog's paws warm and toasty. Orca

      New Rear Support Leash

      We all need a little extra help sometimes and the Up-n-Go leash is a great aid for your dog who is just starting to have a bit of trouble with their mobility! The Up-n-Go leash provides some extra support to help your pet get up and on the go (just like the name implies!). This leash is great for help getting up and down the stairs, into the car, and getting out for a bathroom trip.

      Walkin' Wheels Calendar

      Need something for the pet lover in your life? The 2021 Walkin' Wheels Miracles in Motion Calendar is the perfect choice. Be inspired by the incredible, handicapable animals featured throughout the calendar. 


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