What Does it Mean When My Dog's Back Legs Collapse?

      Jan 25, 2021 7:07:00 AM

      What Does it Mean When My Dog's Back Legs Collapse?

      Having your dog's hind legs give out all of a sudden is scary! As a pet parent we want to make sure our furry friends are happy and healthy for the entirety of their lives. Here are some of the causes of hind leg weakness in dogs and how to help your pup live a happy, healthy life with hind leg weakness!

      Wren in Warrior harness and rear wheelchair blueCauses of Hind Leg Collapse

      Old AgeJupiter

      Older dogs start to slow down just like people do! Your dog might be suffering from arthritis pain or a degenerative spinal disease. Older dogs tend to get tired which may cause hind leg collapse

      Dog Diseases

      There are multiple degenerative diseases that can cause hind leg weakness that progress to full paralyzation. Intervertebral Disk Disease and Degenerative Myelopathy are some of the more common illnesses that start with the dog's back legs collapsing out of the blue. It is always important to keep the line of communication with your dog's vet open so they are aware of these kinds of symptoms.

      Spinal Injury

      Sometimes a fall or rough play session can result in a disk injury that might cause your dog's legs to collapse. The spine carries all of the messages from the brain to the limbs so if an injury occurs, the messages may not be able to get through and cause the legs to collapse.

      How to Help a Dog with Hind Leg Weakness

      upngo_honeySupporting your dog with hind leg weakness isn't a large of a task as it may sound! Starting off, investing in a hind supportive leash like the Up-N-Go will help your pup get out for walks, climb stairs, and go out to go to the bathroom. As the weakness progresses, harnesses like the Combo Harness will offer more support and are compatible with the rear wheelchair which will give the highest support for your dog for them to continuing living a fun-filled active life! Finally, a wheelchair is one of the best ways to keep your furry friend active. The wheelchair can support your dogs weight and allow them to run around and play as well as continue their regular walks. If the weakness progresses to paralysis you are able to put your dog's legs up in the stirrups to keep their paws from dragging and getting injured.

      Pet Parent's Guide on How to Help Your Aging Pet

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