Introducing the Warrior Rear Harness

      Mar 26, 2021 8:27:33 AM

      Introducing the Warrior Rear Harness

      Special needs dogs are strong, determined, and capable; they need the right mobility tools in order to maintain their active lifestyle. With that in mind Walkin' Pets are introducing the Warrior Rear Harness, get your pup a harness that matches their spirit and gives them the rear support they need.

      Whether caring for a senior dog with limited mobility, paralyzed pet, or a puppy healing from an injury the new Warrior Rear Harness provides the rear lifting support you need. This durable harness slides up your dog’s back legs to gently support the hind end. The warrior harness allows you to help your dog outside to pee or poop, help negotiate the stairs, or lift them into the car. Take back strain out of the equation when aiding your pup, each harness comes with removeable handles that can be adjusted for your comfort. 

      Fully Wheelchair Compatible Lifting HarnessSam_warrior rear

      The Warrior Rear Harness is made to be fully compatible with your dog's Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair. Simply unclip the adjustable harness handles, and replace the existing rear leg rings with the warrior rear harness for comfortable hind end support. 

      The harness allows you to support and stabilize your dog as you lift them into their wheelchair so getting in and out of the wheelchair is a breeze. Your dog will get the support they need walking and rolling with the Warrior Rear Harness with some added style points.

      Combine with the Matching Warrior Front Harness

      Sheppard Mix Wear Blue Front and Rear Warrior Harness in Blue Wheelchair

      For dog who need front support or is in need of a new wheelchair harness, the Warrior Front Harness is available. Upgrade your dog's wheelchair with matching front and rear harnesses that are both stylish and comfortable!

      The front and rear warrior harness perfectly matches the color and print so your pet won't worry about clashing. With the exception of the XS, each front harness features a handle to help you stabilize, guide and support your pet. Use with the Walkin' Wheels wheelchair or on it's own as a lifting harness.

      Three Fun Camo ColorsSmall terrier mix wearing Front and Rear Warrior harness Pink

      Available in three vibrant camouflage colors, the Warrior Harness gives you the option of choosing the harness that best fits your pup’s personality. Each rear harness comes in Green Camo, Pink Camo, and Blue Camo. 

      Fits Every Breed

      With seven different sizes: XXSmall - XLarge, the Warrior Rear Harness is designed to fit all pups from the smallest toy pup to giant lap dogs. Your dog will be looking fancy and adorable in the NEW warrior rear harness!

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