Meet Rocky, the Walkin' Pets 2021 Calendar Cover Dog!

Nov 23, 2020 6:45:00 AM

Meet Rocky, the Walkin' Pets 2021 Calendar Cover Dog!

Meet Rocky! Rocky is the 2021 Walkin' Pet's Calendar Cover boy! We asked our calendar contest winner's parents to answer some questions about their FURbaby and how they have impacted their parents lives. Here are Rocky's parents answers.

Tell Us About Rocky! What's His Story?Rocky 1

Rocky was brought to the MOAS animal shelter in early July 2020 by his family asking to have him euthanized. He had been hit by a car 3 months prior and his parents were inept at caring for a special needs animal. The wonderful loving MOAS staff said the owners could surrender him and they would decide his future. They were determined to find this special boy good home, got him in a set of wheels and posted some videos online. 


As soon as we saw his video, about a week after he was surrendered, we set up an appointment to meet him. After meeting Rocky we immediately went home to prepare our house to be a safe environment for him and scooped him up the next day. We all fell in love so fast. He is a wiggly, smiley, ball of love and laughs that can cheer anyone up. Life is hard, but Rocky just makes everything better with his endless love, big personality, and cuteness. We are trying to help him walk again and heal his heart AND body. He was hurt when his owners discarded him, healing that hurt is the easiest part for us. We snuggle, love, and dote on him endlessly. We have fun spoiling him with creative treats, taking him on walks in his Walkin’ Wheels, wrapping him up in a beloved towel and always telling him he is the best dog in the whole world who is now safe and beloved. Hesuch a friendly boy and adores making new friends. His favorite toy right now is from his bff, Claire, a wooden chew toy. Hes a super chewer.


Rocky 4MOAS and friends all worked together to raise money for Rocky to see a specialist who got him started on a physical therapy program. We just started taking him twice a week and are already seeing improvements! With his PT and our daily use of Walkin' Wheels, his back legs are getting stronger and he can stand up all on his own sometimes and will even take a few steps, which was not possible for him a couple months ago. He is only 3 years old and really wants to run, have fun, and live a big life. We fully believe he can do this, and we are here to support, assist, help, and love him on his road to recovery and give him all the love in the world and a home to call his own. We went into this thinking we wanted to try fostering, but are now proud foster fails. Rocky is our son now and we love him beyond description. He is simply the BEST!

How has having a wheelchair helped Rocky?

Walkin' Wheels has given Rocky a way to move around and have fun without harming his back legs. When we first rescued him, he had large open wounds on his legs, because his previous owners just let him drag his legs around damaging them, (those wounds are 100% healed now).

They are also part of his daily physical therapy, as he walks with his legs down so he can regain natural walking movements and strength. 

What should prospective adaptors know about bringing home a pet with special needs?Rocky 2

They appreciate everything and can still have very happy lives. I don’t think they mourn their mobility loss but are simply grateful to still receive love and many other joys they get out of life. They are pleased by all the little things and live in the moment. It tickles me to see how much my pup lights up when I walk into a room to wrap him up in a towel, he lights up and looks like it’s the best gift he’s ever been given. He’s beyond thrilled every single morning when I wake up and come lay down and cuddle him. He is just so grateful for everything and living a very happy full life.


What have you learned since bring Rocky into your family?

We've learned we can do this, it's manageable! You can figure anything out if you care enough. Life is adaptable and joyful as long as you you have the right attitude.

Rocky 3

We can't wait to share more of our Calendar Pet's stories with you throughout the year!

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