Upgrade Your Dog's Wheels!

      Nov 13, 2020 5:45:00 AM

      Upgrade Your Dog's Wheels!

      Now that you've made the decision to get your dog up and moving with their Walkin' Wheels, planning for the future is important. Looking down the road to see what products are available to help your dog as they get older, progress in they're disease, or grow. Walkin' Pets Wheelchairs are made to be adapt to every condition to provide the most comfortable mobility solutions.

      Wheelchair Accessories

      Walkin' Front VestBebzintown

      The Walkin' Front Vest is a great addition to your dog's wheelchair wardrobe, the front vest is made of a super comfy neoprene that will evenly distribute the weight of the wheelchair for dogs with broader chests and stockier builds like French Bulldogs, Corgis, and Dachshunds.

      It is a more comfortable harness for the smaller dogs and can even help with the wheelchair's fit!

      Walkin' Belly Support

      Hardekopf  (2)For longer dog breeds that need a bit more support around the middle, the Walkin' Belly support is a great addition to the rear wheelchair. This simple and easy-to-use wrap, sits underneath a dog's abdomen to provide support to their spine and center of their body.

      The Belly Support alleviates any extra pressure to the spine and keep the mid section supported with it's wide design and neoprene fabric.

      The wrap helps to keep a dog's back and spine properly aligned. This is the perfect wheelchair upgrade for any dog dealing with a spinal condition or healing from spinal surgery.

      Front Attachment_Lunathespaniel_

      As most mobility issues dog's encounter are degenerative, there is a high chance as your dog ages they will require additional support over time.

      The Walkin' Wheels wheelchair is designed to adapt to a dog's changing medical and mobility needs. The front attachment can be easily added to the rear wheelchair frame to give your dog support for the front end as they need it! This is vital for pets dealing with progressive conditions like Degenerative Myelopathy, whose mobility loss often begins in the rear legs and progresses up the spine as the condition worsens.

      Walkin' Warrior Harness

      The Warrior Harness is a great way to show your pup's personality! Our new harness is designed for maximum comfort and shows off how STRONG, RESILIENT, and PROUD our special needs pets are. The warrior harness is constructed of durable canvas with a breathable mesh lining for enjoyable wear. Fully compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair or as a comfortable walking harness and available in Pink, Green, and Blue to match your dog's wheels!

      Nala (3)

      Pet Parent Aids

      Your dog should only be using their wheelchair for short time periods just enough time to get out for a walk, go to the bathroom, or run around with their FURiends! Walkin' Pets has products to help you care for your pet when they are out of the wheelchair as well. Improving your pet's life and you own!

      Walkin' Scooter

      Buttercup from ThreeCrazyCorgis

      The newest mobility device on the market, the Walkin' Scooter is designed to help pets get around easier inside the home! The scooter allows your dog to lay down and rest when needed. The Scooter glides around on roller ball wheels, so its easy to maneuver around corners, furniture, and narrow hallways.

      The Scooter helps keep your dog active all day long, while also keeping them comfortable. Each Scooter features a padded base for cushioned comfort and attaches to a cozy scooter bag. The scooter bag is water resistant, which is perfect for pets who wear diapers or deal with incontinence issues! The Walkin' Scooter is perfect for supervised all day wear. 

      Walkin' Combo HarnessSam  (14)

      If you are taking your dog out for a quick bathroom trip or need to bring your dog up the stairs, the Combo harness is a great asset. Designed to help Pet Parents to assist and support  larger breed dogs. You are able to easily lift your dog with the handles attached to the front and back sections of the harness.

      The Combo Harness is a great aid in getting your dog in and out of the Rear or Quad Wheelchair, just grab the handles lift your pup and transfer them out!

      The Combo Harness can also be used to help pets up stairs, in and out of cars, or to help them get outside. 

      Drag Bag


      Whether a paralyzed pet is in or out of their wheelchair, they want to go! When out of their wheelchair this often means dragging themselves across the floor. This can cause scrapes and painful sores. Protecting your dog's limbs while they are out of the wheelchair is a big concern for pet parents with special needs pets.

      When an animal drags their weight without a barrier between the sensitive skin and the ground they can develop sores that are difficult to treat and can develop infections. A drag bag is a great way to protect your pups limbs while they move around your home!



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