This Skunk Wheelchair Doesn't Stink!

      Feb 22, 2021 7:45:00 AM

      This Skunk Wheelchair Doesn't Stink!

      Meet Teddy!

      Teddy the paralyzed skunk

      Teddy and Sharon Donovan became fast friends when Teddy, a baby skunk with severe respiratory issues was rescued by Sharon. After 2 months of 24/7 care, Teddy miraculously recovered and became a bouncing, baby skunk! While Sharon nursed Teddy back to health they formed an incredible bond, Teddy has no idea he's a skunk and has quickly become part of the family!Teddy the skunk in his wheelchair

      Years after Teddy's recovery, he still struggles with his breathing in the winters. Like most of us, Teddy has has a rough 2020. He spent a lot of time in and out of the Vet's office and when Sharon started working from home in March, she noticed Teddy was struggling to walk on his own. Because of COVID Sharon was unable to accompany Teddy into the Vet's office, one vet said it was Teddy's ACL was the problem and prescribed medication. After weeks with no changes, Sharon searched out different Vets but due to the amount of time Teddy had been immobile, his weight was now a problem. Sharon was relentless with her pursuit to help Teddy walk again, "I started with water therapy and diet. In November I took him back to the vets and begged for an x-ray they finally did it." It was discovered that Teddy had fractured his leg and due to the way it had healed he now suffered from arthritis in his hip and ankle. 

      Walkin' SkunksSkunk Wheelchair - Teddys first steps

      In Sharon's search to help Teddy, she found Jason Parker, the founder of Gunnar's Wheels. Gunnar's Wheels is a charity that provides new and wheelchairs to pets in need and works very closely with Walkin' Pets. Jason's relationship with Walkin' Pets led to the creation of the first ever skunk wheelchair for Teddy! The Walkin' Pets team collaborated with Jason and Sharon to create a custom wheelchair perfect for Teddy! As skunks sit so low to the ground and due to his extended immobility, Teddy is wider than most wheelchair pets. This special wheelchair has been customized with shorter struts and a wider connector to better Teddy's needs.

      So Stinkin' Cute!

      Teddy is finally able to do the on land physical therapy he needs to get moving again, check out Teddy is the very first skunk wheelchair!

      To donate and help support Gunnar's Wheels click HERE

      Mini Wheelchair for disabled pets

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