The 2021 Calendar Contest Hero of the Year: Jamie Wallace Griner

      Dec 21, 2020 7:45:00 AM

      The 2021 Calendar Contest Hero of the Year: Jamie Wallace Griner

      The 2021 Walkin' Pet Calendar Contest Hero of the Year Award is Jamie Wallace Griner, the Owner of Safe in Austin Rescue. We asked our calendar contest winner's to answer some questions about their FURbabys and why they decided to adopt and help disabled animals, here are Jamie's answers and a bit about Safe in Austin!

      Child in wheelchair with founder of Safe in Austin and a dog in a Walkin Wheels

      What is Safe in Austin?

      Here at Safe in Austin we rescue animals from severe abuse or neglect, rehabilitate and rehome the ones that are able, and offer a safe and loving forever home for the rest.   Once they are healthy enough and we have earned their trust; we introduce our rescues to children that come from similar backgrounds of abuse, neglect, and/or special needs.  Our animals provide healing to trauma, at-risk, and/or special needs children by way of unconditional friendship and a clear, loving, example of what they are looking for most… hope.

      Why did you Start Safe in Austin?Child in Wheelchair with dog in wheelchair

      Our mission started because of an Autism Service dog named Angel!   She changed my son's life, and our entire world.  I tell people she reached places of his heart even I couldn't get to as his mother and instantly inspired us in regards to what can happen when you put special animals and special children together.

      Francis, Adam, Hashtag, and Pixie (Calendar Contest Entrants), all started off someplace scary or sad, but now find happiness and family here surrounded by people that love them.   There is real magic when our animals get to meet children who also have special needs.   Their unconditional love, their stories of perseverance, and the bravery and hope they share with visitors in similar situations is everything we are about.   The best part of a child who uses a wheelchair getting the chance to come visit our  wheelchair rescues is the fact that they get to say the words "Look mom, he has a chair JUST LIKE ME!"

      Francis, Adam, Hashtag, and Pixie's Story

      Three Dogs and A sheep in Walkin Wheels pet wheelchairsIn the photo we have Francis, Adam, Hashtag, and Pixie!  Francis (brown) was hit by a car and left to fend for himself in the streets of a border town.  He has a broken spine and needed to have one of his back legs amputated due to the accident.  Adam (lamb) came to us completely limp with no use of his back legs.  With lots of proper medicine, therapy, and love he started gaining strength and mobility.  All but one of his limbs were capable and the wheelchair added stability to his movement while also strength to his body. Hashtag developed paralysis after a routine rabies shot and has no use of his back legs at all.  Pixie was found as a stray and set to be euthanized at a San Antonio shelter.  She also has a severely broken spine and is a medical marvel to the vets she has visited.

      Jamie has contiuned to open her heart to animals people believe have no hope of survial and her rescue missions of spreading love an acceptance has continued with Ruby Sue and Champion! Jamie saved Ruby Sue, a cow with Curly Calf Syndrome from an early death and after her passing, Champion inherited her wheels. Champion has a spinal deformity that has left him paralyzed.

      Champion, Baby cow with Walkin WHeels

      You can follow Jamie and Safe in Austin on Instagram @safeinaustinrescue

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