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Wheelchair Dog is Changing Hearts & Minds in Spain

Sep 2, 2022 4:15:00 AM

Wheelchair Dog is Changing Hearts & Minds in Spain

A year ago, Little Michael showed up at his new family’s gate, injured and unable to walk on his own. Likely hit by a car and abandoned on the side of the road, Little Michael’s spine was broken leaving his back legs completely paralyzed. His new parents, Anita and Mick Harradence rushed him to the Veterinarian where Little Michael had extensive spinal surgery resulting in several screws being placed in his spine. A woman from Texas, graciously donated a new Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair to help aid Little Michael’s recovery and to help get him back on his feet. Little Michael’s parents said his new wheelchair changed everything!

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Now, a year later, Little Michael is able to go for walks with the family’s other rescue dogs and loves running around the family garden! The Harradence family says that Little Michael has become a local celebrity, “we take him into our village in Spain and our local town where the Spanish stop and ask about him and what happened”, everyone who meets Little Michael is completely charmed by him! A year in and Little Michael has found his voice! He loves cuddles in the evening and when he's ready for bed he will go and sit by his bed.  He doesn't have a favorite toy as he is a bit scared of squeaky toys and doesn't know what to do with balls.

How a Dog Wheelchair Changes His Life

We didn't have any wheels at the beginning so we made some from piping which was fine to begin with but he was donated some wheels from a lovely Lady in the US and that changed everything.  He is now able to go for walks with our other rescue dog and loves running round our garden.  He has crashed a few times, we turn him back onto his wheels and he just goes off running again. We take him into our village in Spain and our local town where the Spanish stop and ask about him and what happened, he has become very well known here.

The Honor of Caring for a Special Needs Pup

We have cared for a few special needs dogs, a greyhound with 3 legs, another that had a stroke and now Little Michael.  They are full of life and give so much love, we find getting them into a routine is the best which is no different to other pets.  There is also so much support and advice that can be given on social media and other sites including Walkin' Pets.  I had a lot of questions at the beginning as Little Michael had spinal surgery and I didn't know what to expect.  I have learnt that special needs pets are far more resilient than I first thought, they enjoy playing and running around just like any other dog.  And I am hoping that by sharing our experience with Little Michael, that we can show people what special needs dogs can do here in Spain!

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