Scooter McScooterson: Mr. January

      Jan 1, 2021 7:15:00 AM

      Scooter McScooterson: Mr. January

      The 2021 Walkin' Pet Calendar Contest January winner is Scooter McScooterson from The Funky Chicken Animal Rescue in Temecula, California.

      We asked our calendar contest winner's to answer some questions about their FURbabys and why they decided to adopt and help disabled animals, here are Scooter’s answers!

      Tell us about Scooter!Lamb in a wheelchair wearing  bowtie and pageboy hat

      Scooter is a very sweet outgoing ram lamb.  Scooter McScooterson was born able to walk, as a two-week-old lamb he lost the use of his back legs suddenly. We brought him to UC Davis, where Scooter became the first lamb to ever received spinal surgery!.

      His favorite time of the day is when he is put in his wheels and can go out and spend time with his alpaca and Emu friends at the rescue. His best friend is an alpaca named Stormy. 

      How has Scooter's wheels helped his life?

      Scooter's wheels have been a critical part of his happiness.

      As he heals he is slowly regaining the use of his back legs, his wheelchair helped him build up strength and also his physical rehabilitation from spinal surgery. There is absolutely no way Scooter would be doing as well in his recovery from spinal surgery if he didn't have his wheelchair. They also allow him to get out in the pasture and spend time with his friends

      What do you want people to know about caring for a special needs animal?

      Lamb in a bowtie and a wheelchair


      "Special needs pets will own your heart.  They take extra care and attention but the love they give is beyond measure.  A special needs animal will inspire you in ways you could never imagine...they are worth every bit of time, money, and effort.  You will never regret bringing a special needs animal into your life."



      Scooter Before & After His Walkin' Wheels


      You can follow Scooter and all the animals at The Funky Chicken Animal Rescue on Facebook and on Instagram.

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