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Roxy the Tripod Spreads Understanding!

Jun 18, 2021 7:30:00 AM

Roxy the Tripod Spreads Understanding!

Spreading tolerance and understanding in our children is one of the most important things you can you as a parent but sometimes getting the message to be understood is difficult. 

Meet the Author

Hillary Sussman is a physical therapist who works with clients with cognitive and physical challenges but she is a mom and pet parent first! After working as a physical therapist for 20 years and caring for her dog, Roxy, through 4 different surgeries and watching Roxy go through rehab each time, Hillary realized how inspirational animals can be and how important it is to celebrate differences and hardships. She saw a need in the children's book market for a different type of character and so she filled the need herself! "I wanted to create lovable characters using dogs with unique features who would speak to ALL children and spread the important message of inclusion”, said Sussman.  “I want to help empower children with the confidence to be themselves and not let any perceived differences dictate their self-worth.”

Roxy and MalibooRoxy and Maliboo book cover

Roxy and Maliboo: It's Okay to Be Different is a heartwarming story about Roxy, a dog who has recently lost her leg and is learning how to adjust to life on 3 legs. On her first visit back to her beloved dog park post-amputation, Roxy meets another dog, Maliboo. Maliboo is missing an ear and the pair bonds over their conversation about having visible differences.  Roxy convinces Maliboo to gain the confidence to join the other dogs to play. When Maliboo agrees, they are both welcomed with open paws into the group ad discover together that it is “Okay to Be Different”.

You can find Roxy and Maliboo: It's Okay to Be Different on Amazon!

Helping a Tripod Dog Adapt to Life on Three Legs

Kashi rear amputee using dog wheelchairYou wouldn't think the loss of a limb for an animal who is normally walking on 4 legs would have a major effect on their mobility but the balance and muscle tone is drastically different. With a hind amputation, your dog may need to build up the strength in the remaining leg before they can walk on their own again.

Using a rear wheelchair is a great way to get your dog active while also encouraging your pup to build the muscle tone to support their body weight.

Post-surgery, a mid-body support harness will allow your dog to get up and use the restroom or go on short walks.

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