The 2021 Calendar Contest Rescue of the Year: Miracle's Mission

      Dec 14, 2020 7:45:00 AM

      The 2021 Calendar Contest Rescue of the Year: Miracle's Mission

      The 2021 Walkin' Pet Calendar Contest Rescue of the Year Award is Miracle's Mission! We asked our calendar contest winner's to answer some questions about their FURbaby and why they decided to adopt and help disabled animals, here are Victoria's answers and a bit about Miracle's Mission!

      Can you tell us a bit about Miracle's Mission?

      I started Miracle's Mission 6 years ago after seeing first hand the horrific VFP_RESCUE_DOG_ELLA3suffering of the stray dogs around the world. We have been setting up neutering projects ever since to minimize the number of stray dogs being born into cruel street lives. Miracle's Mission is a volunteer led organization that also works with sick, injured and disabled animals. We started helping disabled animals a year ago. While on a trip to Egypt I met Ella, feel in love and took her home with me! Ella has made me want to help as many disabled dogs as possible, so we are now working around the world with various shelters to educate in the use of wheels and prosthetics and bring across any dogs that we can help with this.

      We have now helped over 100 disabled dogs with all sorts of special needs including full amputees, partial amputees, paralysis, blindness, epilepsy, and non functioning limbs and we are just getting started. When we have our rehabilitation centre set up, we will be able to help so many many more! The reaction to getting wheels for the dogs that have received wheels from us is one of absolute pure joy. The wheels literally give them their lives back or for some their very first chance at walking properly and running.

      VFP_RESCUE_DOG_ELLA6They are a dream come true for these dogs as they give the freedom and exercise that they crave. The dogs know exactly what the wheels are for as every single dog, whenever we show them the wheels they go absolutely crazy, they know that they are their legs and because of this they absolutely love them. The wheels are saving lives and giving these dogs the happiness and freedom that they so badly want and deserve.


      Ella's Story

      I was in Egypt visiting a shelter with a view to setting up a neutering program there and I suddenly felt a nudge on my leg. I looked down and and saw 2 big brown eyes staring up at me full of hope and there was Ella quite literally pushing her way into my life. I was really shocked by her severe disability and lack of aid she was receiving and instantly knew I had to help her and made the immediate decision to bring her back to Miracle’s Mission in the UK.

      Dog in pink wheelchair running on the beach

      Ella is one of the most energetic, lively and fastest dogs in the park, always at the centre of play time with her doggy friends. She howls with joy when she sees her friends coming and races towards them bursting with happiness and energy - definitely the leader racing around with a trail of dogs chasing behind her.

      Her favorite game is chase. She will jump up and down and get us to chase her or she would run full speed into us to catch us. We say 'Ella, I'm going to come and get you' and she howls with excitement and runs away to be chased.

      She is so fast that we spend many an hour running at our fasted speed and Ella still catches us. Ella loves throwing her toys around, playing tug of war with them and even howling at them like a wolf demanding them to play with her.

      Ella's Wheelchair Gave Her Life

      Brown dog in a pink wheelchair with a tennis ball in her mouthElla's wheels haven't just helped her life, they have given her her life back. She spent 2 years dragging herself along concrete desperate to walk and run but unable too. Her wheels have given her the freedom that she was desperate for, the joy and happiness of running free and the ability to play properly with her doggy friends and join in all normal doggy activities such as chasing the other dogs around and being at the front of the race for the tennis ball throw. Ella wakes up in the morning bouncing like a puppy waiting to go out in her wheels. When she sees her wheels she just about bursts with excitement.

      Ella is the biggest inspiration we have ever known. Her determination to just get on with life has touched everyone who has ever been lucky enough to meet her. She has melted our hearts and the hearts of many other people. A lot of people often feel sorry for a dog in wheels when they first see them but when they actually look past the wheels and see the dog and how happy and active they are, their mindset completely changes. Ella has lived her happiest and best life in wheels, living every day to the absolute fullest.

      What should prospective adaptors know about bringing home a pet with special needs?

      I strongly believe that this is because there is a lack of education on special needs pets. Before Ella, I myself had no knowledge of special needs pets but now I am setting up a rehabilitation centre for special needs pets, this is how far she has made me come and how much she has educated me that having a special needs pet is the most incredible thing that life could ever bring to a person.


      I can't stress enough the love and joy that these pets bring people and the lessons they teach us are real life lessons that everybody should learn from. Their determination and zest for life despite their special needs is nothing short of miraculous. It is hugely important for people to know that living with a special needs pet is not hard work. Yes there may be certain adoptions to make but these are easy and simple and a special needs pet can fit into your life so well. Would I recommend people to adopt a special needs pet? I can't say yes enough to this, they will change your life, your world, your outlook, your priorities and all for the better. 

      What have learned, having Ella in your life?

      I have learned to never give up no matter how hard a situation may seem. Whenever I think that I can't do something or something is too much work I think about Ella and her struggles and the fact that she doesn't even see them as struggles, she just gets on with whatever life throws at her and always with a smile on her face. I have also learned to make every single day count. Life is short so fill your days with as much happiness as you possibly can. No matter what bad experiences we have in life, we must keep looking for the joy and spreading happiness as Ella has done. She has completely inspired me with how happy and active she became after receiving proper care and her wheels and she showed me what an incredible life a disabled dog can live.

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