Post- Operative Recovery & Support

      Oct 12, 2020 6:15:00 AM

      Post- Operative Recovery & Support

      Bringing your fur baby in for surgery can be a terrifying ordeal. Throughout the surgery you worry about their well being and when you are finally reunited the healing process begins! So what are some of the things you can do to encourage recovery in your dog?

      How to Care for Your Dog After Surgery

      The best thing for your dog after surgery is plenty of rest. It is often necessary to place dogs on crate rest and limit their movements. Your Vet will tell you the time frame the crate rest is required. Although your dog may try to become active or look like he has healed up it is important to continue the crate rest for the Vet recommended time to allow optimal healing. If crate rest has not been recommended it is still important to make your dog take it easy for about a week post surgery, keep playtime to a minimum and short walks so your dog doesn't overexert himself.

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      Items to Consider for Post-Op CareAbbie from Broken Biscuits

      • A play pen: your dog will most likely need to be confined post surgery, having a gated area for your dog to be safe, comfortable and somewhere you don't have to worry about them moving around is optimal!
      • A cone of shame (just kidding) and E-cone helps prevent your pup from licking and investigating open wounds, many dogs absolutely hate the E collars but there are plenty of alternatives on the market. The No-Cone Collar fits snugly around your dog's neck and is harder for your dog's to get off without impairing their visibility!
      • If your dog has had any sort of spinal surgery the Walkin' vertebraVe will stabilize the spine and alleviate pressure, allowing more support and can be worn all day. The Walkin' vertebraVe is fully adjustable so you modify it based on how your dog heals.
      • A puzzle toy: being cooped up is boring! Your doggo will need some mental stimulation so they don't try to escape the crate or get worked up and risk injuring themselves further. A snuffle mat is great to hide treats in so your pup gets a little brain exercise!
      • Try a support sling to help your pup get up and take the weight off of his/her joints when you take them out to go potty.
      • The most important post-op treatment is all of the love and snuggles you can give!

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      Every dog's surgery recovery is going to be different so it is very important to follow your veterinarian's instructions carefully! Before the surgery ask questions so you will be as prepared as possible and the Vet office will always be just a phone call away if you need any assistance!

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