Peppa Wins May

      May 3, 2021 7:15:00 AM

      Peppa Wins May

      We asked all of our calendar contest winners to answer some questions about their FURbabys and why they decided to adopt and help disabled animals, here are Peppa's mom’s answers!

      Peppa Running in a Field

      Tell Us About Peppa!

      Peppa is such a happy, playful, and loving girl, her favorite toy is her noisy pig and she often gets called Peppa Pig (like the cartoon character), due to her enormous appetite and the noises she makes when she's happy. Recently she had been loving going away camping in our motorhome, she loves relaxing and all the attention she gets from everyone we meet.

      How have your dog's wheels helped their life?

      Peppa literally has no limits now, she loves going on the moors, gets up thePeppa and her Owner hills, off-roading, and even in the rivers! She used to get so upset when Ralf (our other dog) was going on his walks and she had to be left behind, now she's off and running with him. 

      Around 2 months ago we started a fundraising group, Peppa's Place, to help provide dogs with loans of wheels if they have a disability, we understand the financial implications of vet bills, etc and we wanted to help others. So far we have 4 sets of wheels helping other dogs and 4 sets ready to go to any dogs in need. 

      Peppa's biggest event was a 5k walk on Dartmoor where she raised over £1000 for her cause.

      What Have You Learned, Caring for a Special Needs Pet?Peppa Wearing Front Combo Harness with Rear Dog Wheelchair

      I have learned that I worried more about Peppa being paralyzed than Peppa ever has! She takes everything thing in her stride and doesn't dwell on anything, and she lives in the moment... I think we can all learn from that. I also learned that when you have a routine it isn't as difficult as it looks from the outside, and now it is just a part of our lives!

      You gain an extra special bond with them, as they rely on you for many aspects of their lives, it feels like they have some understanding of that and pay you back with extra love. 

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