Paralyzed Puppy is a Christmas Miracle

Dec 29, 2020 8:15:01 AM

Paralyzed Puppy is a Christmas Miracle

Jonathan may only be 5-months old, but he’s already getting a second chance. When Tina Marie Lythgoe from Josh and His Critters rescue first saw his face she knew she had to help. Paralyzed, depressed it was clear that he needed more than just medical attention he needed to be loved and cared for.

Jonathan was turned into the shelter as a stray, but the rescue was unable to put him up for adoption and would have no choice but to euthanize him. Tina knew her team could help, and knew that this sad, broken pup was in need of a true Christmas miracle.

Jonathan’s Journey 

Josh and His Critters rescue paralyzed puppyWithin 24 hours, the Josh and His Critters team swooped in and safely transported Jonathan to his new foster home. His very first step on his way to getting the care and attention he needed. Very sweet, but scared the tiny pup visited his new neurologist Dr. O’Neill at Access Animal Hospitals. Where it was discovered that he suffered from an old spinal fracture in between the neck and the middle of the back. It wasn’t fresh and had already healed.

But it wasn't all bad news! Jonathan still has a little bit of feeling in his legs and with medication and gentle therapy he will hopefully walk again someday. But before he can take his first steps, Jonathan needs to be able to heal and stand.

Although Jonathan was safe and being cared for (possibly for the first time in his life), it was clear that his pain went much further than his back injury, His heart and his soul was broken too.

A Broken Heart Begins to Heal

Paralyzed puppy gets Christmas wishSince his rescue, the Josh and His Critters team have been focused on fixing Jonathan’s on the inside and outside. From the time he was rescued every experience has been new and eye opening for the young puppy.

During the last few weeks, Jonathan has been loved and cared for (possibly for the first time in his life), his caretaker's are working to build his trust, and he even sleeps on a real dog bed. Twelve days after his rescue Jonathan reached an important milestone, he began to play for the first time!

Jonathan's Gift of MobilityPuppy's first step in new dog wheelchair

The Walkin’ Pets team had been following Jonathan’s heartbreaking story unfold from the moment he was saved by Tina and knew they needed to help. Wanting to spread a little Christmas cheer, the team reached out to to give him the support he needs. Gifting Jonathan with his very first Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair.

Although his front legs are strong, his healing spine needs the extra support of a four-wheel or quad dog wheelchair during rehab sessions. As he's getting used to his new wheels, Jonathan's first step is to get used to using his rear wheels first.

Getting Jonathan standing and walking on his own is a vital part of his recovery, but his neurologist wants to make sure his back is supported as possible. Additional spinal support is provided by the neoprene belly support that helps support his spine from underneath, keeping his back secure with every step. Jonathan still has a lot of healing to (both inside and out) but with the loving care of the people who surround him, he's taking his first step towards a very bright future. 

Continue to follow Jonathan's journey to find his forever home and the rest of the incredible animals at Josh and His Critters on instagram.Buy Now Dog Wheelchair