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Paralyzed Pug from Germany Wins July Contest

Jul 1, 2022 1:12:00 PM

Paralyzed Pug from Germany Wins July Contest

Meet Ludwig, the ten year old pug from Augsburg, Germany. Ludwig was selected as one of 13 pets from around the world to be featured in the 2022 Walkin' Pets Calendar Contest. We asked Ludwig's mother, Anja, to tell us a little more about her amazing pug!

Meet Ludwig

Prior to his recue three years ago, “Ludwig spent his days outside on a small balcony. Paralyzed by a herniated disc, he was left untreated until animal welfare saved him,” says his adopted mom, Anja Fischer. Anja says that Ludwig’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, “has given him back his quality of life and allowed him to experience everything that a dog should enjoy.” Ana hopes that Ludwig’s joie de vivre brings smile to people’s faces and inspires them to adopt a special needs dog too!

What Ludwig's Wheelchair Means to Him

Ludwig loves to go for a walk and to run in shallow water with his wheelchair. Above all, he loves it when our two other pugs are with us and the three of them can play in the forest and in the meadows. one of his favorite activities is sniffing treats in the ball pit or hiding under flower pots or in cardboard boxes. Without his wheelchair, Ludwig would have no quality of life and would be completely unable to move. With the support of his Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair, Ludwig is mobile and can experience everything every other dog can! 

What You Need to Know About Adopting a Special Needs Dog

You imagine life with a wheelchair dog to be very difficult, but when you experience it, it is hardly more complex than life with a dog without a wheelchair. The joie de vivre and gratitude of these animals is indescribable, Ludwig conjures up a smile on our faces every day with his fighting spirit and his joie de vivre. We have never regretted adapting a wheelchair dog and giving it a chance and would do it again anytime. We also try to motivate all the people we meet so that a handicapped dog can lead a life worth living. 

Ludwig has taught us that even an animal with a handicap deserves a second chance, and that these animals use this chance and enjoy their life to the fullest. He also showed us how important it is to fight so that you can go on living.

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