Goldendoodle Puppy With Spinal Deformity Gets a Wheelchair

      May 17, 2021 7:19:00 AM

      Goldendoodle Puppy With Spinal Deformity Gets a Wheelchair

      Benny's Story

      Benjamin a sweet Goldendoodle puppy hasn't had the easiest start to life. Benny was born unable to walk. Benjamin's breeder noticed something was a bit different with Benjamin but he was feeding from his mom and doing most of the normal puppy things so the breeder assumed everything was ok! Eventually, Benny stopped nursing and was surrendered when he was just 2 weeks old to Bosley’s Place. Bosley’s Place is a Georgia-based, dog rescue that specializes in caring for extremely young dogs who have lost their mothers or are unable to nurse for some reason.  Benjamin was taken in with open arms to Bosley's Place and he was bottle feed until he grew strong enough to be placed into a foster home.

      Goldendoodle puppy in rear Walkin' Wheels wheelchairBenjamin was going to need a very special foster family and luckily Bosley's Place already had the perfect fit for him. The Tucker Farm specialized in foster puppies with mobility problems so when Benjamin was 6 weeks old he moved in! Benny started therapy and rehab to hopefully encourage and teach him to use his back legs but he didn't show much improvement. Beth Williams (Benny's foster mom), knew it was time to find out the cause of his immobility and took him to a specialist. After an MRI it was discovered that Benny's paralysis was due to a spinal deformity, 3 of his vertebrae were fused together. Despite his condition, Benny is your typically sweet, happy, loving puppy! He isn't in pain and loves to play and move around. Beth saw how active Benny was and how hard he was working to move around and play with the other dogs in the house, she knew she had to get him the ability to run on his own... Benny needed a wheelchair.

      Benny and Walkin' Pets

      Because Benny was going to start growing quickly, he was going to need a wheelchair that can grow with him. Walkin' Pets adjustable Walkin' Wheels was the perfect fit for Benny's needs! The rear wheelchair can be modified to fit him as he grows with the adjustable height and width of the wheelchair and the ability to swap out the wheels for a bigger size when he needs them. Benjamin was just waiting for a little bit of extra help because as soon as his wheels arrived he was off and running.

      Beth told us “Benjamin loves his wheelchair and wheelchair time is priceless to him! For now, we are doing short periods of time in his wheels as we work to build up his strength, but Benny would stay in his Walkin’ Wheels all day if we let him!  I love his independence with his wheels. We are outside often here so the way he’s able to move freely and get what he needs is life-changing for all of us. Benny doesn’t seem to spend time feeling sorry for his handicap but delights in what he has.” 

      Benny is still looking for his perfect FURever family and anyone who is interested in adopting Benny will need to understand that he will most likely never walk on his own.

      Follow Benny’s journey online @TheTuckerFarm and All photos and videos are courtesy of The Tucker Farm.

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