Our Very Own Cadbury Bunny!

      Apr 2, 2021 6:45:00 AM

      Our Very Own Cadbury Bunny!

      The 2021 Walkin' Pet Calendar Contest April winner is Lieutenant Dan from Ohio. Lt. Dan is the 2021 Cadbury Bunny and could not be more proud to be representing special needs pets on such a large platform!

      Lt. Dan as the Cadbury Bunny

      We asked our all of our calendar contest winner's to answer some questions about their FURbabys and why they decided to adopt and help disabled animals, here are Lieutenant Dan's mom’s answers!

      Tell us About Lieutenant Dan!Lt. Dan Smiling

      Lieutenant Dan is the happiest dog I have ever met!  He loves each day to the fullest and with a smile on his face!  He is a ball of energy and loves to play with his toys, especially his squeaky toys and tennis balls!  He also loves hiking and swimming!

      How Has Your Dog's Wheels Helped Their Life?

      Lieutenant Dan's Walkin wheels have allowed him to always be a part of the action!  Though he gets around the house well without his wheels his wheels allow him to enjoy walks and hiking with his friends!!

      Lt. Dan Combo HarnessDon't pass up a special needs pet just because they are a little different and may require extra care!  They can still be a great companion and provide you so much love and joy!  Once we got into a routine with Lieutenant Dan's wheels, his diapering, his supplements and food it has become a normal part of our daily routine and actually does not take much more of our time.  We did have a lot of trial and error with his needs and what works best for him, but now that we have found a routine, he life his life to the fullest!

      What have you learned, caring for a special needs pet?

      I have learned caring for and living with Lieutenant Dan, how much inspiration he can bring to others!  We love sharing his joy for life with others.  It is heartwarming to see all of those that have their day brightened by watching him overcome the fact that he is a little different!

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