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Lovable French Bulldog is a Wheelie Warrior

Nov 29, 2021 6:45:00 AM

Lovable French Bulldog is a Wheelie Warrior

The 2021 Walkin' Pet Calendar Contest December winner is Odi. Odi is a Frenchie who lives in Lower Austria! We asked all of our calendar contest winners to answer some questions about their FURbabys and why they decided to adopt and help disabled animals, here are Odi's  Mom's answers!

Tell Us About Odi!

Up until the age of four Odi was like any other Frenchie. She was playful, cheerful, and curious of the world around her. Around Christmas time she suddenly began to have mobility problems, she was unwilling to move, jump, or play. Diagnosed with a spinal condition, Odi's back legs were no longer able to support her. With the help of hydrotherapy, laser treatments, and her Walkin' Wheels wheelchair Odi is regaining her strength and able to enjoy all her favorite things again.

Odi loves the dog beach, she loves to play with sticks and romp around with other dogs, she is a very curious, bright and cheerful dog, she enjoys every adventure and prefers to be at the front everywhere. Her biggest hobby, however, is food, you can have anything from her for food ...

Odi's Life on Wheels

Odi's mom Nika said that her wheelchair has changed her life. "Since Odi has had her wheelchair, she has been fully active again and can simply be there again, which I personally find most important, she is a full family member and with the help of the bikes, she can be wherever we are as a family."

Why You Should Adopt a Special Needs Pet

An animal with special needs is more time-consuming, no question about it, but you experience the time much more intensely, the bond is completely different, there is so much coming back from the animals that this really shouldn't be an obstacle to an adoption of an animal.

 When you adopt a special needs pet you learn a lot of yourself  and how to make the most out of everyday. Odi's mom says that, "You learn to be more patient, and you are happy about things that a "normal" dog owner often does not even notice, you live much more intensely with your animal and you enjoy every moment especially. I am always very happy when Odi is happy."

Follow Odi on all of her Austrian adventures on Instagram @odi_nevergiveup

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