Nothing Holds Benny Back!

      Feb 1, 2022 9:49:00 AM

      Nothing Holds Benny Back!

      Benny may be paralyzed from the shoulders back, but you'd never know it from the smile on his face! Benny was born with a severe spinal deformity that has left him paralyzed. Surrendered at 2 weeks old to Bosley's Place, a Georgia-based animal rescue that takes in the hardest to adopt pups. He's currently living his best life at The Tucker Farm, and he loves being with his new family.

      Benny's Life on the Farm

      Benny loves to play with his foster sibling and always has a smile on his face! His mom says, “Benjamin loves his wheelchair and wheelchair time is priceless to him! For now, we are doing short periods of time in his wheels as we work to build up his strength, but Benny would stay in his Walkin’ Wheels all day if we let him!  I love his independence with his wheels. We are outside often here so the way he’s able to move freely and get what he needs is life changing for all of us. Benny doesn’t seem to spend time feeling sorry for his handicap but delights in what he has.”

      Benny's Mom Tells His Story

      Be Like Benny

      "I remember when Benny was first diagnosed it was mentioned multiple times that euthanasia was an option. He was just a puppy and there was so much unknown about his future. Of course that wasn’t an option for us. Will Benny have a shorter lifespan? Possibly. Will Benny live the best life? Absolutely! I’m inspired every day by Benny!"

      Now with regular physiotherapy and the support of his wheelchair, Benny greets everyday like a new adventure. People can learn a lot from his perseverance and joyful demeaner. His foster mom said it best, "We promised him his best life. He's living it!"

      Follow the adventures of Benny and his friends @thetuckerfarm

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