MOOve Over! Here Comes Angel the Zebu Cow on Wheels

      Jan 3, 2022 9:32:00 AM

      MOOve Over! Here Comes Angel the Zebu Cow on Wheels

      Angel, the mini zebu cow, isn’t like other cows – since she lives in the house she has learned to beg for food alongside the dogs! Born without the use of her back legs, Angel was rescued by the Iowa Farm Sanctuary, and her family says she’s the undisputed queen of the sanctuary.  Shawn Camp, Co-Founder and Executive Director for the Iowa Farm Sanctuary tells us a little more about what life is like living with a cow on wheels!

      Angel, a Tiny Zebu with a BIG Personality

      She is incredibly vocal with her wants and needs, which are equal parts food to cuddles and we are happy to oblige her. Since she is a cow, living in the house, she has learned to beg for food alongside our dogs! While the dogs will eat most anything, Angels favorite foods are bananas and broccoli. At sunset, she enjoys riding on our lap in the Gator and smelling the brisk night air. 

      How Have Angel's Wheels Helped Her?

      Angels' wheels give her freedom! Before Angel came into our care, she had NEVER walked: her Walkin Wheels changed all of that! Now she is able to do "normal" cow things, like graze while standing and headbutting other critters. When Angel is in her cart, she is able to choose where she wants to eat, who she wants to hang out with and has the confidence of our 1500 cows. Her wheels transformed her! 

      What is it like caring for a special needs cow?

      Living with a special needs cow, I have had to learn how to cow proof everything! From keeping house plants out of reach to making sure the floors are non-slip for her lil hooves and wheels! 

      There is nothing more rewarding than the privilege of caring for a special needs animal. To have a hand in helping an animal transform, become more independent and help them live their best lives... there really is nothing better. 


      Follow Angel and the rest of the animals at the Iowa Farm Sanctuary on Instagram @iowafarmsanctuary

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