Miracles On the MOOve

Nov 16, 2020 7:15:00 AM

Miracles On the MOOve

Disabled Farm Animals Conquer Mobility Loss

Walkin' Wheels are not just wheelchairs for dogs! Walkin' Pets has helped so many different animals in all shapes and sizes. Seeing specially-abled pets receive a new lease on life, newfound freedom, & build back their confidence, will never get old! Helping animals regain their independence is what pushes us forward and motivates us to do better. 

Teaspoon the Mini Horse


Teaspoon the mini horse had a run in with a poisonous snake. The snake bit Teaspoon's back hoof and the poison left her leg necrotic, the only options were to euthanize or preform never before attempted surgery to amputate Teaspoon's leg.

Panda Paws and Goat's of Anarchy worked together to get Teaspoon the surgery she needed and she is now walking around without her wheelchair with the help of a prosthetic. 

Fern the Muscovy Duck

Disabled duck wheelchair

Fern had a contracted right foot and was only able to use her left one. She was brought to Aloha Animal Sanctuary and they worked with a physical therapist for weeks trying to get Fern the use of her leg back, unfortunately the splints and exercises didn't work.

Fern is able to use her Walkin' Wheels to alleviate the pressure on her left, working, leg and is great for her physical therapy!

Fern is just one of many disabled ducks who have regained mobility thanks to a duck wheelchair!

Teddy the Pig

Teddy from Cottonbranch

Teddy was a survivor of an over 500 pig hoarding case and is now living at Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary.

He was diagnosed with IVDD, a degenerative disease cased by bulging disks that eventually leads to paralysis. Although intervertebral disk disease is very common in dogs it can cause mobility loss in pigs too!

Teddy is now living his best piggy life with the help of his Walkin' Wheels!


Scooter McScooterson the Lamb


Scooter was born able to walk and at two weeks old, he suddenly lost the use of his back legs. Scooter and his Mama came to live at Funky Chicken Rescue, an all-animal sanctuary.

After UC Davis performed spinal surgery, the first ever performed on a lamb! Scooter is slowly regaining the use of his back legs and can stand now without his wheelchair. Scooter’s Walkin’ Wheels have helped Scooter through every part of his journey. He loves nothing more than playing with his alpaca best friend, something he wouldn't be able to do without his wheels!

Ruby Sue the Cow

Ruby Sue (2)

Ruby Sue was born with a congenital defect that fused her hind legs together called Curly Calf Syndrome. This defect is carried in angus cows who are raised for food, Ruby Sue was the first calf to survive longer than a few hours past birth.

Ruby Sue was saved by the Safe in Austin where she learned how to walk in her Walkin' Wheels.

Unfortunately, Ruby Sue passed away due to complications from her Curly Calf Syndrome. Although her life was cut short, her strong spirit (and her wheelchair) lives on in Champion, another young cow dealing with mobility loss at the rescue.

Bill the Turkey


Bill is a 60 lbs. who injured his foot. Turkey's spend all day on their feet so being unable to stand really impacted his quality of life. Bill's injury left him unable to support his weight on just one leg. Getting Bill active and moving around was essential to his healing.

Odd Man Inn Animal Rescue, a sanctuary for abused, neglected, and unwanted animals,  knew it was time to get creative and found Walkin' Wheels! Now Bill is up and walking without his wheelchair and we couldn't be happier for him! He's even lost weight!

Leo the Goat

Leo Herewithusfarmsanctuary

Leo was posted for free ‘for pet or food’ on an AD on Craigslist. Leo had trouble walking and using his back legs due to what is assumed to have been a meningeal worm that was left untreated. He can put weight on his back legs for a very short period of time but mainly got around by pulling himself with his strong front legs until he got his Walkin' Wheels.

Leo is now up on all fours (and two wheels) and rolling around at Here With Us Farm Sanctuary! Did you know that after dogs and cats, goats are the most common animals to use a Walkin' Wheels wheelchair?

Since Walkin' Pets began, we've been thrilled to help improve mobility for so many different types of farm animals.

Do you have a farm animal in a Walkin' Wheels wheelchair?

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