Meet Cover Dog Canelo

      Dec 15, 2021 8:55:00 AM

      Meet Cover Dog Canelo

      Rescue dog Canelo is a super sweet chihuahua whose looking for his forever home! Rescued by the Montgomery, Texas rescue Who Rescue Who, this happy little guy was named the 2022 Walkin' Pets Calendar cover dog! To get to know Canelo a little better we asked Canelo's foster mom, Laura Silinas to tell us about this little guy with a big personality

      Meet Canelo


      Canelo is all smiles in his Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

      Canelo is super sweet!  Canelo is a 2-year-old Chihuahua mix who was brought to the Montgomery County animal shelter last year with severe injuries to his hind legs. His back legs dragged behind him, unable to bear any weight on his back legs. Sarah and her husband have worked diligently with him to help him adjust to his life on wheels.

      When we are outside and he sees my neighbors his ears perk up and he has to greet them.  He is a little hesitant with some new people, mostly men.  But he LOVES my husband and always gets excited and greets him when he gets home.   He loves to play with toys and chase balls.  He loves to chase after bugs and frogs outside. He loves to play my personal dogs.  He is a great TV watching buddy. He gets excited when I sit down to watch TV and he has to sit right next to me. He loves to take walks in his wheels.  He is super fast in his wheels and always wants to keep going!  He is super afraid of thunder storms and fireworks and will try to hide under my bed or in the closet. 

      The Impact of a New Wheelchair

      Canelo loves his wheels!  It allows him to take walks down the street and on the trails in our neighborhood just like any other dog. This is something he would not be able to do without his wheels.   Canelo had multiple horrible wounds on his back legs and lower abdomen area when I first got him. His wounds have heeled but are tender and will open up if he drags his legs along concrete. 

      Also, for the first few months after I got him I used the drag bag with him so he could move around my house while his wounds were still healing. The drag bag gave him so much freedom during those months. He would chase after balls and toys in my house using the drag bag.    Now that his wounds have healed he gets to use his wheels for walks outside in our neighborhood. His Walkin' Wheels wheelchair have helped Canelo regain strength in his back legs and now he can even take a few wobbly steps on his own!

      What Would You Like Other People to Know About Adopting a Special Needs Pup?

      I want people to know not to let their disability scare them away!  Do consider that a disabled dog may take a little extra time and know that there may be some extra costs involved. Things like diapers and therapy should be considered when adopting a disabled dog.  But what the disabled dog gives in return makes EVERYTHING worth it!  From the kisses I get every time I pick him up, to the way he leans his head into my chest after a diaper change hug, and the way he stares at me nonstop in the car when we drive to therapy makes EVERYTHING worth it.  All they want to do is to please and love their human!  They may need a little extra care with their physical needs but in his mind he is ALL dog! 

      What Have You Learned While Caring for Canelo?

      What I have learned from caring for a disabled dog is that although he may have some physical limitations; in his mind he is ALL dog.  They want to play with toys and balls. They love to eat and go on walks. They love to play with other dogs and their humans. They love to lay in the sun and take naps. They love their human and just want to please them.  And just because they have a disability does not mean they are not fast!  Canelo still has not learned that his foster Mom does not like to run! LOL.  So despite their physical limitations, a disable dog has a mind that is ALL dog. 

      If you are interested in adopting Canelo, please contact Who Rescued Who animal rescue directly. 

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