How to Tell If My Dog is Blind

      Apr 5, 2021 7:52:00 AM

      How to Tell If My Dog is Blind

      5 Ways to Tell If Your Dog Is Losing Their Vision

      1. Cloudy EyesOllie (6)

      If your dog develops cataracts, you will start to seeing white cloudy spots develop in the pupils of your dog's eye. 

      2. Test your pup's vision

      While our dog's can't read the eye chart to us at the doctor's office, you can check your dogs vision. If you wave a closed fist in front of your dog's face, a fully sighted dog will blink or react to your hand. You can also drop cotton balls or socks in front of your dog, if your pup reacts to the cotton ball, they are able to see it. Whatever you drop needs to be light enough that it won't make noise when it lands on the floor to test if your dog can see the dropped items.

      3. Bumping into Objects2021-04-04

      As your dog goes blind they might start bumping into items that aren't in the usual spot. Dogs are able to map out their surroundings in their minds so they know where the coffee table is, but if you move a chair out of place or a bag in the hallway, your dog may bump into it.

      4. Reluctance to Go Outside in the Dark

      Nighttime vision is oftentimes the first to start to decline. A beginning sign of blindness is when your dog starts to refuse to go outside at night when there isn't a light on. If your pup is having a hard time navigating your yard at bedtime potty breaks it might be time to look further into their vision loss!

      Ernie (1)

      5. Hesitating At the Stairs or Jumping Into the Car

      2021-04-04-1A dog who is losing their sight will start to be wary of drop offs, they might not have the depth perception they once did so jumping off of things like your bed, the car, or even going down the stairs start to become scary. A dog losing their vision is also losing the ability to judge the distance of the drop from where they are to the ground, so they might hesitate to go down the stairs or jump out of your car.


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