How to Tell If My Dog Has Back Pain

      Oct 5, 2020 5:15:00 AM

      How to Tell If My Dog Has Back Pain

      While our dogs can't tell us where they hurt verbally, they can tell us with their actions! Many times your dog will try to hide their pain and muscle through it which isn't great for catching conditions early. While they may be hard to catch, there are some signs your dog will give you when they are hurting if you know what to look for!

      Dog in Wheelchair

      Signs of Back Pain in Dogs


      • Yelping or snapping when they are being pet
      • Excessive panting
      • Posture changes- your dog may start to hold themselves more rigidly or they start to drop their tail more frequently
      • Lack of Appetite 
      • Incontinence
      • Mobility Changes

      Common Causes of Dog Back Pain

      • Arthritis
      • IVDD
      • Spinal Injury
      • Diskospondylitis

      Ways to Help Manage Back PainBane Up N Go Leash

      1. Manage your pets weight! A healthy diet and exercise will keep your dogs weight under control and will eliminate the extra pressure on their spines!
      2. Find a harness to help support your dogs weight! The Walkin' vertebraVe is designed to stabilize the spine and alleviate pressure, allowing pet parents to easily offer more support to pets suffering from back pain and injury! Providing support the your dog's back end is a great way to easy back pain, you can use the Walkin' Rear Combo Harness to help your dog in and out of the car, up stairs, and on walks to help support them!
      3. Incorporate anti- inflammatory supplements into your dogs diet. Fish oil, immunoglobulins, and joint supplements with help reduce the inflammation around your dogs spine thus taking away the pain!
      4. Be careful to watch your dog on slippery surfaces! Try putting down rugs in places your dog likes to be so they don't slip and fall and cause more damage to their back. Pet boots are also a great option to provide grip inside your home, Walkin' Traction socks are super comfy for your dogs paws and have a rubber sole. The Traction Socks are also water proof on the sole so they can be worn outside as well.
      5. Depending on the severity of the pain a wheelchair might be helpful to reduce the strain on your dogs back.
      6. Talk to your Veterinarian! It is always important to consult a Vet when you with any questions about your dog's health!
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