5 Tips on Safely Lifting Senior Dogs

Jan 11, 2021 7:15:00 AM

5 Tips on Safely Lifting Senior Dogs

Whether you have decided to adopt a senior dog or you and your best friend have grown older together, adjusting to help your dog get around is something we can all do! As your aging dog starts to slow down, you don't have to stop all of the activities you used to do together but you may have to adjust HOW you do them. 

Tips on Safely Lifting Senior Dogs

Fluffy white dog using full body support harness

  1. Be sure to pick the right support for your dog! Not every harness is made to support the full weight of your dog
  2. Make sure the harness fits your pup securely, they might not be being lifted for a long period of time but you don't want the harness to pinch or dig in
  3. Make sure the harness you choose isn't putting pressure on your dogs spine while they are in the air. When lifting pay attention to their spine to ensure it stays in a neutral position.
  4. Always double check to see that your dog is safely and securely fastened into the harness before attempting to lift, it may see silly but sometimes clips fail and having your senior dog fall out of the harness while lifting could cause injury.
  5. Finally, lifting safely isn't just about your furry friend, make sure when you lift your dog you are protecting your back as well! Lift from the legs and make sure you are fit enough to support your dog's weight.

Types of Harnesses

Full Body Support

Dog using full body support lifting harnessA full body support harness is meant for completely lifting your dog in the air, this type of harness is great for dog's with very little or no mobility. Perfect for pets who need complete support for stabilization and balance.

You can easily transport your dog into your car, up stairs, or outside for bathroom breaks! 

Front Support

Frenchie wearing Warrior HarnessThe front support harness is for dog's with front leg injury, they can also be great for dog's who pull while walking. The harness will spread out the pressure of pulling across the chest instead of around your dog's neck. To help lift your dog's front end these harness will have a handle for you to grab on to!

Rear Support

Boxer using rear support lifting harnessRear support harnesses are for dog's with hind leg weakness, the rear support harnesses, the rear support harness allows you to support your dogs rear legs while they get into the car, up stairs, and out on short walks!

Your senior dog is also able to use the rear harness while going to the bathroom so their legs will not give out on them. 

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