How to Choose the Right Boots For Your Pet!

      Mar 29, 2021 7:30:00 AM

      How to Choose the Right Boots For Your Pet!

      Watching a dog try to walk in boots or shoes for the first time is possibly one the all time cutest things in the whole world, but why would a dog need boots?

      Why Should My Dog Wear Pet Boots?

      Pet boots are ideal for any dog with sensitive paws. Dog boots are an all year round accessory that protect your pup's paws against salt abrasions in the winter and stick punctures in the warmers months! Dog shoes protect your paralyzed dogs paws from sores and scrapes if they drag while also keeping their limbs clean, dry, and warm. Dog boots can offer your aging or paralyzed pup needed traction, the boots can help to prevent toe curling or dragging, which can be caused by arthritis, spinal disease, and general limb weakness.

      What Paw Coverings Are Best For My Dog?

      Traction Socks

      The Walkin' Traction Socks look very similar to your wooly winter socks, the top is a soft and cozy material while the paw portion is a waterproof silicone gel for traction! The traction socks have a velcro strap to ensure a tight fit to help them stay on your dog's paws while they run around.TractionSocks_PugFloor

      • Great for smaller dogs
      • Best for indoor use
      • Light-weight 
      • Good boot for protection for injuries on the paw already 
      • Great for smaller or aging dogs that have issues with traction on slippery floors
      • Sold in a set of 4

      All Weather Boots

      The Walkin' All Weather Boots are a great all round but specifically winter boot options! The All Weather Boots are water resistant and have the option of a fleece lining to keep your dogs paws warm and cozy on their walks. These boots have a rubber, non slip sole and two velcro straps to secure the boot to your dog's paw.Benelli_nybc 4-1

      •  Great boots for larger dogs who drag their paws
      • Great for extreme weather and terrain
      • Thick rubber sole helps with traction and keeping the paw supported - similar to human boots
      • Can go over splints/casts/bandages easily for wound protection and keeping bandages and sutures safe and dry
      • Sold in singles and sets of 4

      Walkin' Dog Boots

      The Walkin' Pets Dog boots are a great for indoor to outdoor use, they are made from breathable neoprene with a pliable rubber sole. This boot is perfect for the summer months to protect paws from burning on hot asphalt.

      • Medium weight bootRoxxy
      • Provides traction inside and paw protection outside
      • Easy to put on due to slit in the back of the boot
      • Double velcro connection helps to keep the boots from sliding off or being kicked off
      • Sold as singles or in a set of 4

      All Weather Boots for pets

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