Simple Steps to a Healthier Dog Diet

      Jun 19, 2020 8:13:52 AM

      Simple Steps to a Healthier Dog Diet

      Advertisements, TV programs, movies, even music videos... they all have ways to drill into us the importance of eating a healthy diet. While we may become preoccupied with our own health, we can sometimes neglect that of our pets, often treating them for being loyal companions but causing obesity and associated health problems. There are many ways in which you can change things regarding your dog’s diet, so here are our top five simple steps.

      1. Don't Let Them Beg

      We all know that our beloved dogs can develop a habit of begging for leftovers. Looking into their eyes can often make us forego our own mealtimes to give them some of what we are having. Unfortunately, this is not a great idea. There are often ingredients that will not agree with a dog’s stomach and cause digestion problems. Furthermore, a dog should be encouraged to eat only its own food. Having extra portions means that there is no control any longer, and his weight could increase, leading to a variety of issues.

      2. Avoid ‘Doggy Bags’

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      A popular practice for a number of years was to ask for a doggy bag when dining out in a restaurant. This was especially common when financial times were even tougher than at present. People do still practice this, with the leftover meat being saved for a pet dog. However, this not only should be avoided because of the above reasons but also because cooked meat is not a natural thing for a dog. Therefore, unless your steak is cooked blue, do not even think about it.

      3. Avoid Gluten

      Everyone seems to be on a gluten-free diet these days. Is it time your dog was? A lot of dry dog food are made using grains which contain gluten. Not only can this make a dog’s feces and wind smell disgusting, they can also be damaging to your dog’s organs, namely the liver and kidneys.

      4. Do Your Research

      Dog food is no longer simply something you pour out from a can. Times have changed, and owners are far more considerate about their needs. Of course, dogs with significant health problems will require this even more than others. Always spend time looking at the labels on food and choose something that contains natural ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives. Going with a healthy dog food subscription can not only help your dog to lead a longer life, but it can also help your organizational skills.

      5. Wash Bowls Properly

      This is probably the most surprising point on our list. Dog bowls have a tendency to get grubby very quickly. It is imperative to wash them thoroughly to avoid your pet ingesting anything nasty. Unfortunately, some of the most popular cleaning products tend to contain chemicals that will be harmful to your dog’s insides. Rather than using those, stick to a natural product such as white vinegar. It is such a versatile product, and you are guaranteed to get that bowl germ-free while looking after your dog’s digestive health at the same time.


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