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How to Treat Dog Hip Pressure Sores

Sep 7, 2020 7:26:00 AM

How to Treat Dog Hip Pressure Sores

What Are Decubitus Ulcers?

Decubitus ulcers, also known as pressure sores or bedsores, are caused by continuous, repeated pressure to a spot on the body causing skin irritation and open wounds. These sores typically occur on bony parts of a pet's body. Pressure sores are most common in bedridden pets who are unable to move or dogs who fall repeatedly. 

Pressure Sore Prevention and Treatment

Rocky using the Hip EEZ Hip donut to treat pressure soresPressure sores are incredibly difficult to treat and can take a long time to heal. The Walkin’ Hip-EEZ and Hip Donut is a simple, non-surgical method to treat and prevent pressure sores on "down" dogs.

For paralyzed pets or weaker pets who struggle to stand on their own are more likely to spend their days laying down. Spending extended periods of time laying in one position can cause these painful ulcers to form. Physically moving a down dog can be difficult for owners. The Hip-EEZ Hip Donut is a simple solution for preventing decubitus ulcers.


How the Hip-EEZ and Hip Donut Work:

The hip donut sits directly over a dog’s hip to cushion and protect the joint. The donut creates a Donut on Hip-EEZ panelcushioned barrier between a dog's bony hip and the hard floor. The Hip Donut attaches with touch fasteners to the inside of the hip brace, keeping it securely in place. As the dog lays on their side, their weight is evenly distributed around the hip joint to prevent ulcers from forming or protect an open wound as it heals.

Tip: For open pressure sore wounds, an idoban sheet can be used to create a barrier between the wound and the donut.

How Does the Hip-EEZ Compare to Traditional Bed Sore Treatment?

In the past, decubitus ulcers were treated surgically. The veterinary surgeon would create a surgical "sock", which would be attached to the dog by suturing the padding in place. Sewing the sock around the open wound to add a protective layer between the wound and contact with irritating surfaces, relieving the pressure on the sore.

Renee Mills, VT, CCRP knew there had to be a better, non-surgical way to treat pressure sores in dogs. And when she couldn't find one, she created it. Designing the Hip-EEZ, a hip support system to treat multiple hind quarter conditions.


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