Does My Dog Need Inside Mobility Help?

      Mar 12, 2021 7:00:00 AM

      Does My Dog Need Inside Mobility Help?

      A wheelchair is great to help your paralyzed pet exercise and run around outside but it is a bit cumbersome to use in the house. You might find your pet getting suck on furniture or dinging up your walls and baseboards with their chair.

      If you find your dog less willing to follow you from room to room, or they cry for you to carry them with you, your pup may need some indoor help!

      Indoor Mobility Solutions

      Traction SocksZeva Traction Socks

      Your pet might benefit from the Walkin' Pets Traction Socks if their paws are slipping on the floors. The traction socks are super comfy socks with rubber soles to help your pup propel themselves forward without slipping.

      Walkin Drag Bag

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      The Walkin' Drag Bag will help prevent scrapes and hard to heal pressure sores from forming when your dog drags themselves from room to room. The drag bag puts a layer between your dog's limbs and the carpet or flooring and protects your dogs legs!



      Walkin' Scooter

      The Walkin' Scooter is awesome for pups who want to speed around your home! The scooter combines the drag bag and the wheelchair for the best mobility for inside the home! The base of the scooter is padded for comfort and is on caster wheels so it allows your dog to take corners easily and they will be able to rest and lie down while in the scooter.

      Walkin' Lift Rear HarnessBella (2)

      Getting your paralyzed pet up or down the stairs doesn't have to be a strain on your back! A rear lifting harness can help support your paralyzed dog's hind end while also protecting your back as a pet parent. The Walkin' Lift Rear Harness will allow you to bring your disabled pet up the stairs safely.

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