Siuyong Started Life as a Stray, Now Look at Him!

      Oct 1, 2021 6:15:00 AM

      Siuyong Started Life as a Stray, Now Look at Him!

      The 2021 Walkin' Pet Calendar Contest October winner is Siuyong from Hong Kong. No stranger to the spotlight, Siuyong is a three time calendar contest winner. His bright smile and big personality wins over everyone he meets and it's no surprise that this charming pup won again in 2021!

      We asked our all of our calendar contest winner's to answer some questions about their FURbabys and why they decided to adopt and help disabled animals, here is Siuyong's story:

      Tell Us About Siuyong!

      With a name meaning Little Bravery, this rescue pup truly lives up to his name. Siuyong was found a stray dog, abandoned on the side of the road in Hong Kong. When he was rescued, Siuyong was all alone and completely paralyzed. His rescuers saw him dragging himself along the edge of a busy road. He was safely transported to a local rescue for medical treatment and care. 

      The road to recovery wasn't an easy one, but eventually Siuyong found his forever home. With the help of his wheelchair Siuyong's life is a true Cinderella story. Now that he can walk and play with the help of his wheelchair Siuyong lives every day to fullest and always has a smile on his face!

      Siuyong's owner says "Siuyong is a strong, brave, happy, positive and goofy dog who loves life!"

      Adopting a Special Needs Rescue Dog

      Siuyong's adopted family is hoping that everything he has overcome in his life will encourage other people to adopt special needs and disable dogs just like Siuyong. Adopting a special needs dog doesn't have to be scary. It's a fulfilling experience filled with love and compassion. Although a wheelchair dog may need some extra care, time, and attention they are worth it. 

      With the help of a dog wheelchair, paralyzed and handicapped pets can live a long, active, and a high quality life. The incredible connection that forms between special need pet and their family is an incredible bond and worth every minute!

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