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Disabled Frenchie Acts as Flower Girl Despite Cancer Battle

Jun 3, 2022 12:14:00 PM

Disabled Frenchie Acts as Flower Girl Despite Cancer Battle

French Bulldog Kardi has been paralyzed from IVDD since 2015, but has never let that slow her down! In March of 2020, Kardi was diagnosed with Transitional Cell Carcinoma an aggressive form of bladder cancer. Kardi's prognosis wasn't good, her veterinarian informed Kardi's mom that she likely had only three to six month's to live. "I wanted desperately for Kardi to be a part of my wedding as she’s been by my side through everything. Thankfully, she was able to be the flower girl in our wedding and is now 17 months post diagnosis and still doing amazing and loving life!"

Always Smiling, Kardi is a Fighter

The bond between Kardi and her mom Kelsey goes far beyond her wedding day. "Kardi has taught me so much about truly living life and how to overcome obstacles that life might throw at you. She has never let her disability get in the way of anything or ever felt bad for herself. She gets up everyday and is happy and ready to go."

Kardi a Dog with a Purpose

From day one, Kardi's big personality has brought happiness to everyone she meets. Kardi is an absolute sweetheart and loves everyone no matter their age. Kardi is now a retired therapy dog who used to visit local hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and schools. Kardi loves to play with her toys and always has one in her mouth while cruising around in her wheelchair. She’s the happiest little girl and absolutely loves life. 


Kardi's story is an inspiration to everyone she meets. She has overcome paralysis from Intervertebral Disc Disease and  a cancer diagnosis, never letting anything slow her down. The 2022 Walkin' Pets Calendar marks the 5th year Kardi has won a spot in the calendar, just proving that her determination has also won her a place in her hearts! Sadly, in February 2022 Kardi lost her battle with cancer. 


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