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Dawkins the Smiliest Wheelie Dog!

Jul 2, 2021 7:45:00 AM

Dawkins the Smiliest Wheelie Dog!

The 2021 Walkin' Pet Calendar Contest July winner is Dawkins who lives in Philadelphia. We asked all of our calendar contest winners to answer some questions about their FURbabys and why they decided to adopt and help disabled animals, here are Dawkins's mom’s answers!

Tell Us About Dawkins! Dawkins the pitbull loves life

Dawkins is a high-energy, wiggly, full of sass pup! Dawkins loves tennis balls and footballs. His two favorite activities are to chase the football on the beach and in the park but it has to be on his terms. He drops it when he wants to play but brings it to you and holds it when he wants his cuddles. He enjoys eating everything he can get his mouth on and if he doesn’t get his snack after breakfast I will hear about it! Dawkins also likes presents in boxes!!! Dawkins loves boxes... he opens them on his own thinking every box that comes to this house has a present for him.

Since being injured his top activity is going to see “the girls” at therapy. He thinks therapy time is playtime.

How Have Your Dog's Wheels Helped Their Life?

Before I officially bought him a set of wheels he appeared depressed. Dawkins was always active and went everywhere with me. Since his injury, it was hard to do that. Once I purchased his wheels it was possible again. He now gets excited when the wheels come out and I tell him to get his shoes on. We are going places again and he really shines with that pittie smile! 

What Have You Learned, Caring For A Special Needs Pet?

Caring for a special needs pet has its challenges. A lot of people feel it can’t be done especially alone. I live alone and Dawkins is large. However, once you get into a routine it’s kinda easy flowing. Dogs adapt to their struggles and turn them into opportunities. You find the right diapers, the right laundry schedule, the right sleep schedule and it just works. You get through the hard days and you look at him and think how did I get so lucky to have a great dog like you. 

Dawkins had a rough life before me and when you know that and then they get injured and become a special needs pet you know it’s your job to give them a happy life

Wheelchair pitbull catches tennis ball

The best thing I learned living with Dawkins was no matter what happens to you in life you keep pushing. You keep finding a loophole and think outside the box for a solution. No matter what others tell you to do with your life you make your own decisions that are best for you are your fur family. Along the way, due to his size, I was asked to put him down... but we have a saying in my house... we don’t give up in this house... Dawks and I stand on that 

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