Common Pit Bull Health Problems

      Mar 19, 2021 7:45:00 AM

      Common Pit Bull Health Problems

      Pit bulls are some of the most controversial breeds out there. While Pitty's have a reputation for being aggressive they are actually the most sweet dogs who also happen to come with many hereditary health conditions.

      Common Pit Bull Health Problems

      From mobility loss to vision problems, there are many common pit bull health issues that every pet parent should know about. Here are the five most common health problems affecting pit bulls:

      Hip DysplasiaRocky 3

      Pit bulls are one of the many breeds that are prone to one of the most common skeletal diseases seen in the canines, hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is characterized by a malformation of the ball and socket of the hip joint.

      Pitty's are typically diagnosed with hip dysplasia when they are puppies and the joints are still forming. If you have a Pit, or any other breed that is predisposed to develop hip dysplasia, your pup should get an x-ray done when they are around two years old to check if there are any hip issues!


      Hypothyroidism is a condition that causes your pitty's body to create too little of their thyroid-stimulating hormone. The thyroid is responsible for regulating your dog's metabolism so the lack of thyroxine, the thyroid hormone, can cause obesity.

      Symptoms of hypothyroidism are weight gain, hair loss, dry skin, and behavioral changes. Hypothyroidism can be easily diagnosed from a few blood tests and can be managed with an oral thyroid supplement.

      CataractsBella Face On Halo

      Cataracts are the thickening of the lens in your pit bull's eye. You dog's eyes will start to look cloudy and milky when cataracts begin to form. While cataracts can be a genetic trait passed from parent to puppy they can also be caused by high blood sugar and diabetes.

      A dog with cataracts can suffer from impaired vision, and even blindness in severe cases. When caught early, your vet can prescribe medication to help treat the cataracts, or surgery may be needed to remove the cataracts from your dog's eyes.

      Skin Irritations and Infections

      Multiple different forms of skin irritation are common in Pit Bulls, whether this is from allergies, ichthyosis, or other infections.

      Pit Bulls may rub their paws and face together trying to relieve congestion cause from pollen and dust allergies, they have frequent ear infections, and typically suffer from dry skin.

      Ichthyosis is a severe flaky skin condition very similar to psoriasis in humans. This skin irritation causes massive, scaly flakes to slough of your dog's skin and will be noticeable on their coat. Ichthyosis will show up when your pit is a puppy.

      Knee ProblemsAugie (from Iris) 2

      Pit Bulls are prone to certain knee issues such as ACL injuries and luxating patellas

      The ACL or CCL ( Canine Cruciate Liagament) in dogs is under constant impact from your dog's daily life, a torn or ruptured ACL is a very common injury Pit Bulls.

      When the kneecap, your dog's patella, slides out of place is called a luxation. This can be painful and cause your pit to suddenly hop or pick up their hind leg until their kneecap slips back into place.

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