Celebrate Underdogs | Roadie & Subaru

      Oct 22, 2020 5:00:00 AM

      Celebrate Underdogs | Roadie & Subaru

      Subaru Loves Roadie!

      October 22nd is National Make a Dog's Day and Subaru is celebrating the Underdogs! ThroughoutRoadie, Catahoula leopard dog in rear Walkin' Wheels the month of October, to help shelter pets nationwide, Subaru will donate $100 to a local shelter for every pet adopted! One of the Underdogs featured in the Subaru Loves Pets campaign is a sweet pup named Roadie.

      Roadie is a Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix who had a rough start to life. Roadie was hit by a car when he was 4 or 5 months old after being found discarded in the trash at a mobile home park. Roadie shattered the bones in his hind legs and was found discarded in the trash at a mobile home park. Luckily, Roadie was found by a good Samaritan and brought to Dream Fetchers Rescue. The rescue rushed Roadie to the Vets for immediate medical treatment. The vet recommended euthanasia, but Roadie's spirit and will to live were undeniable. Refusing to give up on him, the Dream Fetchers decided to get a second opinion with the Camino Pet Hospital. Their gut feeling was right, when the new vet met Roadie he agreed that Roadie was worth saving. He immediately took Roadie into surgery, amputating his left hind leg and placing 4-6 pins in his right leg.

      Road to Recovery

      After months of recovery, Dream Fetchers were ready to help Roadie find his forever home. They brought Roadie to an adoption event the parking lot of a CBD event in California, a life-changing decision. At the adoption, event Roadie caught the eye of Kevin, the President of Promise 4 Paws Rescue. Kevin fell in love the moment he saw Roadie and was amazed by Roadie's spirit and strength. Dream Fetchers was having a hard time figuring out how to care for Roadie after his surgeries and Kevin stepped in to help. After three surgeries, 4 months of medical boarding and cage rest, 2 months of physical therapy, adoption events, a wheelchair Roadie had found his forever home!

      Together with Luciana, who owns The OC Pack dog training, Roadie began his rehab journey. Luciana was able to get a wheelchair donated by Gunner's Wheels, which made all the difference. The minute Roadie was situated in his wheels he took off running! His Walkin' Wheels helped Roadie to rebuild his strength, allowing him to gradually put weight on his remaining hind leg and work on his muscle strength. Now, Roadie is off and running around without the help of his wheels!

      Roadie the Underdog

      Luciana has played a huge part in Roadie's recovery and is the reason why he is up and running today. She is also the reason Roadie is a Subaru Underdog! Luciana's friend learned about the casting call for the Subaru National Make a Pet's Day campaign and Luciana encouraged Kevin to bring Roadie. At the casting call, Roadie's personality stole the show, he was a natural actor! While Kevin didn't know what was going to come of the shoot, he knew increasing awareness for handicapped and senior dogs would help shine a light on how great living with a senior or special needs pet could be. 

      Roadie's Forever Home

      Roadie 3Roadie has become a permanent addition to the Promise 4 Paw's family, his wheels allowed him to become strong enough so he no longer has to use them! Roadie has now dedicated himself to bringing awareness to special needs animals and how much they can enhance a family. Kevin and Roadie have been making appearances at adoption events and on November 1st they will be attending the Irvine Subaru for their first-ever adoption event! Roadie spent 4 months of his puppyhood in the Camino Pet Hospital but it has given way to one of the most wonderful lives. The effect Roadie has had on humans is indescribable.  He makes everyone he meets a better person. 

      Promise 4 Paws

      Promise 4 Paws is a relatively new rescue based in Irvine California. Kevin found his passion for rescuing dogs in 1980. Someone asked if Kevin and his wife, Sue, could foster a collie mix that had been rescued from running around Doheny State park near the freeway entrance. He wasn't wearing a collar and no microchip was found when they had him checked at their local veterinarian. He was such a great dog that after a few months and no owner trying to find him, Kevin and Sue decided to adopt him and called him Freeway.

      From that day forward Kevin and Sue have been rescuing and finding loving homes for lost, abandoned, and abused dogs. In only 2 and a half years, Promise 4 Paws has found forever homes for over 700 dogs!

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