Baby Cow With Back Leg Birth Defect Gets A Wheelchair!

      Sep 24, 2020 12:24:44 PM

      Baby Cow With Back Leg Birth Defect Gets A Wheelchair!

      Safe in Austin

      The relationship between Safe in Austin and Walkin’ Pets developed last year when we fell in love with Halo, a Great Pyrenees puppy who was missing her front paws. Safe in Austin is an animal sanctuary that rescues and rehabs abused and neglects animals and than pairs the animals with children with special needs and those have been have come from troubled backgrounds. The animals and children are able to bond over the shared experiences and begin to heal each other! Jamie has opened her heart again to a baby cow she has named Ruby Sue!

      Safe in Austin and Ruby Sue

      Welcome to Safe in Austin Ruby Sue!

      Ruby Sue was born with a genetic defect called Arthrogryposis Multiplex or Curly Calf Syndrome. Typically, calves with this defect are stillborn and don’t survive. Due to her condition when the farmers assumed she would not survive. The farmers were digging the Ruby Sue’s grave when a young man stepped in to save her. Something about the deformed baby cow tugged on his heartstrings and made him believe she was a fighter. He posted on a national special needs animal page where Traci Donovan saw the post and immediately massaged Safe in Austin. Traci became the go-between to facilitate the adoption.

      On September 5, 2020 Ruby Sue was brought back to Safe in Austin where she settled in and Jamie started figuring out what to do with this mermaid shaped baby girl!

      Curly Calf Syndrome

      Calf with Curly Calf Syndrome RescuedDue to her Curly Calf Syndrome, Ruby Sue has a deformed back spine, hips, and hind legs with completely atrophied muscles. Her back legs are solidified together and are more like a mermaid tail than hind legs. The shape of her legs means Ruby Sue can only sit up when laying on one side, making her a high risk for developing bed sores so Jamie had to consistently flip her so she is not keeping all of her weight on one side.


      Happy, Healthy, and Ready to Roll

      Curly Calf Syndrome Wheelchair

      Jamie took Ruby Sue to visit the Vets at Texas A&M University fully prepared to hear them recommend euthanasia, the Curly Calf Syndrome has such a high mortality rate there have no cows with the defect that have survived into adulthood. Surprisingly the A&M Vet said Ruby Sue is a happy, healthy, with no pain and for Jamie to bring Ruby Sue home and love her, which of course is what Jamie plans to do!



      Curly Calf Syndrome Calf with wheelchairSafe in Austin is looking into the possibility of amputating Ruby Sue's hind legs as she is very active and wants to crawl around and explore but is currently held back by the position of her legs. Amputation will help with the bedsore concerns and take away some of her weight she may gain as she gets older. Right now, Ruby Sue is only 2 weeks old and Walkin’ Pets have recently donated a custom built wheelchair for her, the wheelchair has larger wheels and longer struts so it will be able to accommodate her weight and size as she grows bigger! 

      Ruby is getting used to her new wheels and learning how to use her legs with some extra encouragement in the form of a bottle of milk. While it is unknown what Ruby Sue's future will look like, her present is filled with love, cuddles, and friendship! Safe in Austin is a special place and truly the right place for Ruby Sue to grow and develop.

      To learn more about Safe in Austin follow them on Instagram and check out their website!

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