An Author Named Boone

      Dec 25, 2020 7:15:00 AM

      An Author Named Boone

      Our favorite Bow Tie dog is back and stealing our hearts with his brand new children's book, Bowtie Boone!

      bow tie boone and his new children's book

      Boone's Storyboone 2

      Boone found his forever home in 2017, he had been brought to a shelter to be put down by his previous owner. The shelter was told Boone’s legs were cut off by a train, but the Vet discovered the injuries were actually more consistent with being cut. Tanya, the founder of Joey’s Paws, spotted Boone online and offered to donate a wheelchair and foster him. She picked him up in December and knew once again on the ride home that he was another ‘foster failure’ and would be part of their family. Boone got a home for Christmas and this year Tanya and Boone are sharing his story with the world! 

      Bow Tie Boone: The Book

      boone 4Boone's story is an inspiration. In his young life he has overcome his traumatic past and has learned to trust and love people again. With Boone's new book, Bow Tie Boone, Tanya wanted to share all of this.

      The book tells children the story of this amazing pup and his incredible ability to share love and hope as a special needs dog AND as a therapy dog. 


      “I wrote this book for Boone. He has overcome so much and is just an amazing dog. I love that he shows people resilience, love. And no matter what life throws at you, there’s a way to overcome,” said Tanya. “I wrote Bow Tie Boone in hopes of showing people how amazing special needs dog can be. Boone is an amazing dog that has shown people how resilient and amazing special needs dogs can be with some time and love. I’m so excited to share Boone’s adoption story and him becoming a therapy dog.”

      Not only is Boone's story a great message of acceptance, love, and compassion for young children, but it's a way to give back! 100% of the profits from the books sold go to Joey's PAW. A 501(c)3 non-profit that raises money to purchase wheelchairs and prosthetics for dog's in need! Helping dogs to get their mobility back and enjoy the best lift possible!

      Beagle in NEW Warrior Harness and Rear Walkin' Wheels

      Boone is once again exceeding all expectations and his story is at the top of the children's book charts! Boone shows children that being different is special and that you can overcome life's challenges and help others too!

      Buy 'Bow Tie Boone' today!

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