Aging With Your Dog

      Nov 9, 2020 6:45:00 AM

      Aging With Your Dog

      In honor of National Senior Dog Month, it seems appropriate to put a spotlight on our senior furry friends!

      Do Senior Dogs "Slow Down" As They Age?

      Just like people, as our dogs age they may begin to slow down. Maybe they sleep more or aren't as rambunctious as they used to be as a puppy!

      Aging Kiah in a Dog Wheelchair

      Signs of Aging in Dogs

      Your dog might start to experience muscle weakness which can cause them to slow down, have trouble with stairs, or having difficulty getting up after laying down. Arthritis is an extremely common ailment in older dogs that can cause pain and will affect their mobility. As your dog ages, you may need to adapt your lifestyle, your dog might need shorter walks, a raised bed, or help to get up the stairs. Walkin' Pets carries a wide range of products to help you adapt to life with an aging dog! Acers

      • Probably the most obvious for a dog with slowing mobility would be a rear wheelchair! The Walkin' Wheels Rear Wheelchair has provided so many senior  and disabled dogs with an improved mobility in their aging years by allowing them to get out and play and walk or run again!
      • Support harnesses are great for the beginning signs of mobility impairment like difficulty with stairs, getting in and out of the car, or getting outside to go to the bathroom. The Walkin' Lift Rear Harness will help you give just the right amount of support on your dog's hind end to help them with any activity and is also compatible with the Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair.
      • For dog's who are starting to loose their eyesight, the Walkin' Blind Dog Halo will provide you with peace of mind and allow your dog move around the house and yard without fear of injuring themselves by running into objects they can no longer see.

      As our doggos start to get a little grey around the muzzle they may also need to be groomed differently. As a dog ages their skin starts to change, the may become allergic to products you've used all of their life or start getting skin infections, adding in a salmon or coconut supplement to your dog's diet will help keep your old guy looking like a million bucks!Fluffy White Dog in Blind Dog HaloA senior dog can enrich a home, they are wonderful companions, and give the gift of unconditional love, no matter how long their time is with you, the love and care you give your dog as they grow old will be returned to you tenfold!

      Pet Parent's Guide on How to Help Your Aging Pet

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