A Girl's Mission to Get Her Amputee Akita Moving!

      Mar 5, 2021 7:30:00 AM

      A Girl's Mission to Get Her Amputee Akita Moving!

      What started as a school science research project brought an Akita named Kashi a whole new lease on life!

      Meet Raya and Kashi!

      The Bajdek family adopted Kashi when she was a year and a half from Big East Akita Rescue (BEAR) in New Jersey. The whole family did a round trip in one day, 5 drove up dad, Peter, mom, Michelle, Petra, Raya, and Mooshi the current family Akita! 6 family members came back. Over the COVID-19 quarantine, Kashi was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that is very common in large breed dogs. Osteosarcoma is an extremely aggressive cancer so the Bajdek's had to make the tough decision to amputate Kashi's right rear leg to prevent the spread of her cancer. At 9 years old, Kashi has already had an ACL repair on the left leg and at 109lbs Kashi had been having a hard time support her weight on her 3 remaining legs as she recovered from her amputation and cancer treatment. 

      Kashi and the Bajdek Family

      Raya is the youngest of the Bajdek family and loves taking the family's dogs on their daily walks with her dad, Peter. Through quarantine Raya found the walks improved both her spirits and Kashi's! Kashi would go out with a support sling to help carry her weight. Peter and Raya would carry the sling support Kashi's rear end hoping to help her gain more muscle in her remaining leg. Raya saw how much happier getting out for the walks made Kashi, but taking her out, while giving Kashi so much joy, was extremely difficult on Peter and Raya. 

      A Science Project to the RescueKashi with Peter Bajdek

      Seeing Kashi so happy after losing a leg impacted Raya. Kashi's joy and perseverance was so inspirational Raya decided to include her in a Rube Goldberg science project. Raya wanted to build a machine to lift a dog by a harness into the car as lifting a 103 lbs dog is no easy feat! As Raya researched for her project she stumbled across dog wheelchairs which brought her to Walkin' Pets

      The Walkin' Wheels Rear wheelchair was the answer to all of the Bajdek's struggles with helping Kashi get back on her feet! Raya did more research and she loved reading all of the reviews and seeing how dog's transformed after getting their wheelchairs. Armed with all of her research and 5 star reviews, Raya approached her parents and stated her case on how amazing a wheelchair would be for Kashi and the rest of the family. 

      Kashi (17)Luckily, Raya is an extremely persuasive 13 yr old and The Bajdek's decided to get Kashi her own wheelchair!

      Free Wheelin'

      Once Kashi got set up in her wheels, she took off immediately! Watching Kashi taking off without the lifting harness was such a relief to the whole family. Kashi is independent again and able to go back to all of her favorite places. She is smiling and happy in her Walkin' Wheels and she's able to gradually build up the muscle in her remaining hind leg so eventually she may be able to run around without the help of her wheelchair.

      Kashi (6)

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