5 Tips to Get Your Pet Ready for Winter!

      Nov 20, 2020 7:30:00 AM

      5 Tips to Get Your Pet Ready for Winter!

      Winter is right around the corner and with the winter season comes some snowy fun! Here are 5 tips to make sure your specials needs pet is all set up to take a walk in a winter wonderland!

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      1) Walkin' Ski Attachment 

      Dog skis for wheelchair

      Get your pet's Walkin' Wheels ready to glide around in the snow! The Walkin' Ski Attachment easily replaces the wheels in the Rear Walkin' Wheels to adapt to snowy weather!

      Your dog can keep up with you during all your favorite winter adventures whether it be cross country skiing, snow shoeing, or just a nice walk. With skis from Mini to Large, now every size pet can swap their wheels for skis!

      2) Walkin' All-Weather Pet Boots 

      Dog boots for paralyzed pets in winter

      Protect your dogs paws from salt and keep the dry and warm with the All-Weather Pet Boot and the All-Weather Boot liner fleece inserts. The rubber sole will give your pup traction on slick and icy surfaces when they head out to play, exercise, or go to the bathroom.

      Ice and snow aren't the only Winter dangers. Harsh chemicals and salt used to deice the roads and walkaways can be dangerous! Not only can they damage your dog's paw pads, but can be extremely dangerous to ingest. Especially if your dog licks their paws after their walk! Wearing boots can keep your dog warm and protect their feet from harsh chemicals.

      3) CoatsKeep your dog warm in cold weather

      Paralyzed pup usually get cold faster than other pets, so keeping them cozy is a must! Along with mobility issues, handicapped pets also struggle with circulation issues, making it hard for them to regulate their body temperature. Dog parkas and sweater are way too cute but their functional as well!



      4) Dog Massage

      Make sure you know the signs of of hypothermia and frost bite! Our pets are susceptible to these conditions as well. Keeping the blood circulating regularly will help your pup regulate their internal temperature! Dog massage is a great trick to make sure your dog's body is able to warm up quicker after a romp in the snow! In humans, shivering contracts your muscles to warm up the body, a paralyzed pets muscles may need a little extra TLC to get them to contract the way they should.

      Winter fun for wheelchair dog

      Dog scooter for mobility5) Indoor Mobility & Activities

      If your dog is not a lover of the cold, having safe indoor activates is great to keep your pup's mind engaged while they refuse to go out into the cold.

      The Walkin' Scooter is great for pets who love to be indoors, your furry friend can glide around your home without you worrying about a wheelchair scuffing your baseboards and ruining furniture. The scooter also give your pup a sense of independence inside and ease of mobility!

      All Weather Boots for pets

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