2021 Walkin' Pets Calendar Contest Has Closed!

Jul 31, 2020 7:49:30 AM

2021 Walkin' Pets Calendar Contest Has Closed!


Put your best paw forward and get your camera's ready, it’s time for the annual calendar contest! Submissions for our sixth annual calendar contest have officially begun. Choose your favorite photo and enter for a chance to be featured in our 2021 Walkin’ Pets Miracles in Motion Calendar!

We believe that every pet deserves to be celebrated and we will do our best to include ever pet who enters this year’s contest!

How to Enter Your Pet's Photo

Basset Hound WheelchairWe want to give everyone a chance (and plenty of time) to get that perfect shot, our Calendar Contest submissions run from Friday, July 31st through August 24th at 5:00 pm. Photos will be submitted through our website here.

How to Vote for Your Favorite Pet

Voting will start after submission has closed. The year, for the first time ever, voting will take place on the Walkin' Pets Facebook page! A combined total of votes from the website and Facebook “likes” will be tallied to determine the winning pets. So, tell all your friends and encourage them to vote too!

How to Take a Winning Photo

Paralyzed dog runs in wheelchairPast year’s winners have featured creative, fun and heartwarming photos. We encourage high-quality photos that show off your pet’s incredible smile and personality! Have more than one pet in a Walkin’ Wheels or want to show off the whole fur family? We would love to see them! You can submit up to three photos per family. We want to feature as many different pets as possible, so to give everyone a chance, if more than one pet is entered individually only one pet per pet family will be featured in the calendar.

Photos should be the largest file possible and high resolution (at least 1200 pixels wide) and horizontal photos are best!

Share Your Pet’s Story

Every entry includes a place to tell your pet’s amazing tale. This story will be featured alongside their photo on our website for everyone to read. Is your pet a rescue? Have they overcome incredible challenges? How has their (and your) life been changed by their Walkin’ Wheels? This is your chance to tell everyone how incredible your pet really is! We will be celebrating your pet’s all year and sharing these stories across social media and our website!

How Are Calendar Winners Chosen?

Paralyzed goat wheelchair

On August 25th, all qualifying photos will be posted on our website and Facebook page for voting. Winners will be selected based off the total number of “likes” the photos receive. 12 calendar contest winner will be selected to be featured in each calendar month. The cover photo will be selected by Walkin’ Pets based on several considerations, including the number of votes, quality of photo and your pet’s story. Walkin’ Pets will also select one rescue and one hero to honor as this year’s Rescue of the Year and Walkin’ Pets Hero. These special award recipients are selected for their dedication, advocacy, and compassion they provide to handicapable pets year-round.

Walkin’ Pets will send press releases to newspapers and TV stations in each winners state or country with the winning photo and your pet’s amazing story. The annual calendar contest helps to raise money for the Handicapped Pets Foundation allowing them to donate wheelchairs to pet’s in need.


Introducing our 2021 Calendar Contest Winners!


You can pre-order your calendar here https://www.handicappedpets.com/calendar-contest/

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